Yoast SEO Social Images

Do you use Yoast SEO Social Media Images Optimization features for Facebook and Twitter ?

Or, do you leave it to WordPress to auto-submit images from your posts? If so, is it your chosen image that posts and do your images display correctly?

If we spend time enhancing our posts with images we don’t want our efforts wasted by not benefiting from their social media impact. With so much competition we need to avoid this.

We often take time optimizing our sites for the search engines and thinking about what we post directly to social media. Let’s not forget the importance of the links we send from our blogs.

Apart from the problem of size, where parts of your image disappear when posted to social media, there’s the compression factor. We optimize images for our sites so pages don’t load slowly. When social media sites compress these images againΒ  the quality deteriorates, with text suffering the most.

So how can we avoid this disadvantage? Here’s where the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin comes to the rescue with its social media features.

Improvements Using Yoast SEO Social Media Images Feature

The Yoast SEO Social Media Image Feature let’s you decide what images to post to Facebook and Twitter.

In my last post about the online app Desygner, I showed you how easy and quick it is to create a series of the same image in different social media site sizes. Yoast SEO plugin gives you a way to you use your Facebook and Twitter sized quality images.

If you have Yoast SEO installed, navigate to that section in your post window and click on the Social Media Icon:

Yoast-SEO-Social-iconHere you can upload an image for Facebook and/or Twitter:

Yoast Social Media For Facebook

Yoast SEO Social Media Images - Twitter

Yoast Social Media for Twitter

Yoast SEO Social Media Images - Twitter

Now when you post your link to Facebook and Twitter you’ll not only use your chosen image but the quality is higher and bits aren’t chopped off.

You won’t experience these situations:

If you don't use Yoast SEO Social Images -

This doesn’t pass image quality guidelines

OK that was extreme but here is a more common scenario:

If you don't use Yoast SEO Social Images - 2

I hope you can you now see the advantages of using Yoast SEO Social Media Images Feature?

Additional Yoast SEO Social Media Features

As well as images, you can decide exactly what text you want to appear on Twitter and Facebook, rather than using the meta description used for your post.

This is especially useful to suit Twitter’s 140 character limit, when the whole point of your post can be lost. Even for Facebook you might want to phrase things differently – maybe ask a question, give a longer description, or appeal to your audience rather repeating keywords for search engines.

You can read more on Yoast’s site where he goes into detail about setting up the plugin for social media optimization.

Do you use Yoast SEO plugin? If so do you take advantage of the Social Media features, including uploading the right images?

I’m talking about the free version here. The premium version also has a preview feature so that you can see the images you’re going to post to Twitter and Facebook.

PS I’m not an affiliate for Yoast SEO – I got turned down a year or so ago πŸ™