Last updated May 15th, 2015 at 02:54 pm

FeedDemon was discontinued in June 2013. You can still download it for free, but it won’t be updated and support for it is no longer available

This cartoon pretty much sums up my feelings, after spending time importing and organizing feeds into Newsgator’s FeedDemon desktop RSS reader.

cartoon by we blog cartoons

Cartoon by Dave Walker.

I was able to quickly import my existing subscriptions from Bloglines into FeedDemon, keeping the folder structure too – a large amount of feeds that I have collected over 4 years or so making many of them out of date, or no longer read, meaning a long reorganization for me.

Newsgator has recently made all its RSS suite of products free. In addition to FeedDemon they also offer NetNewsWire, the Mac version, NewsGatorGo for mobiles and NewsGator Inbox for Outlook.

All these RSS services synchronize with each other. For example, I can add feeds to Newsgator Online and they will appear in FeedDemon too. Other tools offered by Newsgator are Feedstation, which allows you to download multimedia content and synchronize it with your iPod or other portable media player and NewsGator Desktop (Beta) which resides in your system tray and informs you when there is an update to one of your feeds.

I thought I would give this method of reading feeds a try; although I still prefer to get some feeds delivered by email and some via email news reader, I found that I was not visiting Bloglines frequently to read the others.

Another useful tool from Newsgator is NewsFriends for Facebook users. “With NewsFriends, you just select friends and automatically get the news they are reading. You can also pick packages of popular feeds on topics like entertainment, sports, and top news selected by NewsGator editors or add news feeds directly.”

I could not resist reading instead of organizing and came across We Blog Cartoon by Dave Walker, which is where the above image comes from. Not only does Dave offer the use of the images for blogs but gives you the the link code to use the images directly from his site. After having a pleasant respite looking at his amusing cartoons, I had better carry on trying to get out from under the RSS pile. Before I go I thought I would share this one you too.

facebook - cartoon by dave walker