Last updated October 22nd, 2015 at 03:20 pm

Most of the blogs I look after have target markets and there are specific and individual ways that I promote their new content.

After being away from regular blogging here, I have had to remind myself of  various essential tasks and promotional methods; that used to come just naturally after I had written a blog post.

I wrote them down as a reminder to myself and to share with you:

Before publishing the blog post

  1. Check spelling and grammar.
  2. Look at the post and paragraph length and alter if necessary. Can I make better use of lists to emphasise points and make the post more easily readable
  3. Have I put in too many links to external sources? If so could I reduce these.
  4. Can I add any links to my previous posts to bring them to readers and search engine attention again.
  5. Have I been keyword aware –
    • Am I sure that the relevant keywords are in the content and have I got the main ones at the beginning of the post? If I am not sure then I will use a keyword suggestion tool.
    • Have I categorized and tagged the post correctly?
  6. Make sure the post appears as I want it in Search Engine Listings by using an SEO plugin tool to tweak titles, add a description and meta content.
  7. Check the final draft to ensure the layout is what I intended and images are aligned and sized appropriately.

After Publishing

  1. Create a short link to my post – I use a personalized url.
  2. Submission – (By this I do not mean giving up all hope that the post will be found and read). Submit my post to bookmarking sites delicious and diigo and to relevant diigo groups. You may have your own favorite bookmarking sites that are more suited to your niche.
    • Share on major content submission sites such as Stumbleupon and Digg or ask friends to submit them for you.
    • Share on my own personal pages on social networking sites such as Facebook, my Facebook Page, Google Reader.
    • Share with groups  and forums I belong to where it is in context, where posting of links is acceptable and where the post is likely to be of the most interest to its readers.
  3. Let it sing like a bird – Tweet it.
  4. Let my closest blog contacts know that I have published a new post and ask kindly for their help in promoting it. Email them or leave messages on sites they frequent the most.
  5. Visit other blogs and comment to let them know that I am still around. (I have been so busy with other matters lately I have neglected my blogging friends and for this I apologise)
  6. Follow up. Repost a tweet, maybe using different but still content appropriate text. Answer any comments on my blog and any other place that has elicited a response.
  7. Feel satisfied that I have completed the tasks involved in writing and publishing a post. This one is only for those of you who are suspicious over the number 13.

This sounds so time consuming doesn’t it and I hope I have not put off any beginning bloggers. In practice there are lots of tools to speed up the process. I will talk about these in my next post, but to get you started you could check on my post Firefox Collections and Social Networking

Now this post is written it is time for me to complete my tasks. I am looking forward to number 14.