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Top 10 Free WordPress 3+ Photo Themes

My pick of the best ten free WordPress Photo themes are all built to work with WP 3+. As well as being able to change the menu and backgrounds, all have extra features built in. There is a wide range of design and layout options here such as feature post sliders and gallery views. Even if you do not intend to blog, WordPress can be used as a very easy way to build a website without any coding knowledge.  With a little bit of learning you can easily change the colors to suit yourself and  create something unique so that […] Continue Reading…

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Revolution in WP Themes

Premium WordPress themes and theme sites have been springing up over the last couple of years, often catering for the increasing popularity of magazine style themes. Free themes have not always measured up to premium themes in design complexity and, at times, in their coding accuracy. The additional support offered with premium themes is also a draw card. Theme Directory For personal bloggers the cost of buying themes tends to outweigh their advantages. For those who are making money or promoting a business with their blog the price is less of a factor. The good news for those who do […] Continue Reading…

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Productivity Tips – Downloads

If, like me, you download themes or templates for future reference or while deciding on a theme for a new blog or planned update, keeping track of them can be difficult. I always create a separate folder for each theme I download and make sure there is an image of the theme in there too. It is a quick easy reminder of what the theme looks like. Rather than using the little thumbnail images that are often included in a theme I save a copy of an image from the download site or do a screenshot of a demo page. […] Continue Reading…

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Advantages of blogspot Blogger

Having been critical of Blogger I feel a need to make some amends. After all it did serve me very well for a few years. I prefer it to the other hosted blog platforms for a number of reasons: It is easy to learn and use. The new blogger has introduced features that make it very simple to add extra features or page elements. More are being added as time goes on. Click on image to see all page elements You can host the classic blogger on your own domain. There is plenty of support for those just starting out […] Continue Reading…

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Blogger Template Changes

Please excuse me if you are not using blogger as this will be of no interest at all to you but I know some other people are keen to make the move over to WordPress and I want to let them know how I am going. On changing to the ‘new’ Blogger I used a default template because all the alterations, hacks and workrounds I used, to add the features I wanted, broke my original template completely. A quick way round this was for me to copy all the sidebar content and put it in one of the html/javascript page […] Continue Reading…

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