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Top 10 Free WordPress 3+ Photo Themes

My pick of the best ten free WordPress Photo themes are all built to work with WP 3+. As well as being able to change the menu and backgrounds, all have extra features built in. There is a wide range of design and layout options...

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Revolution in WP Themes

Premium WordPress themes and theme sites have been springing up over the last couple of years, often catering for the increasing popularity of magazine style themes. Free themes have not always measured up to premium themes in...

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Productivity Tips – Downloads

If, like me, you download themes or templates for future reference or while deciding on a theme for a new blog or planned update, keeping track of them can be difficult. I always create a separate folder for each theme I...

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Advantages of blogspot Blogger

Having been critical of Blogger I feel a need to make some amends. After all it did serve me very well for a few years. I prefer it to the other hosted blog platforms for a number of reasons: It is easy to learn and use. The new...

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Blogger Template Changes

Please excuse me if you are not using blogger as this will be of no interest at all to you but I know some other people are keen to make the move over to WordPress and I want to let them know how I am going. On changing to the...

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