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Brand Your Head – It’s Quite Painless

By “Brand Your Head” I’m talking about your website or blog header, although walking around with your blog url on your forehead is an interesting promotional idea. I’ve explored a lot of the new responsive WordPress themes which only...

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Have You Sent A Card To Twitter Yet?

I am talking here about Twitter Cards, not sending birthday wishes, although, if you really want to, Twitter was first introduced publicly on July 15, 2006. What are Twitter Cards? Twitter Cards add more information to your Tweets and look similar Facebook...

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What is Content Curation and What It’s Not?

I often recommend Content Curation to my clients and contacts only to get the response. “What is Content Curation?” If you are unfamiliar with the concept, (or If you thought content curation was a happy medium for healing) then this article...

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CMF Ads – Make Money Promote Your Site

Move over Entrecard, make way for CMF Ads (Changing Marketing Forever) and make money at the same time as promoting your blog. Not only can you earn credits on CMF Ads by advertising on your blog, and use these credits to advertise on other blogs, you can buy and sell credits from CMF too: a...

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