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Brand Your Head – It’s Quite Painless

website header head with brand

By “Brand Your Head” I’m talking about your website or blog header, although walking around with your blog url on your forehead is an interesting promotional idea. I’ve explored a lot of the new responsive WordPress themes which only have a thin website header with a logo, or site title, and navigation menu all on one row. They’re great if you have an easily recognizable, unique logo or blog title, which everyone identifies with you or your unique product(s). (or if you’re promoting something that you don’t want to be recognized for!). Very few bloggers and/or marketers have an unmistakable […] Continue Reading…

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Buy Team Site Traffic with Discount, Cashback and Bonuses

team site traffic training program and software

Buy Team Site Traffic from our Team and get cashback, bonuses (on top of the opening special discount prices)  and free advertising for your own team site: Team Site Traffic is on sale NOW at discount prices. Created by a trusted online friend and mentor, Gavin Mountford, Team Site Traffic is aimed at increasing your income. I think that is something all of us aspire too. Team Site Traffic Support I’ve already changed two of my sites to include Team Site Traffic – the plugin and methods. If you want to join my Team Site Traffic Support Team buy Team […] Continue Reading…

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Have You Sent A Card To Twitter Yet?

Twitter Cards featured image

I am talking here about Twitter Cards, not sending birthday wishes, although, if you really want to, Twitter was first introduced publicly on July 15, 2006. What are Twitter Cards? Twitter Cards add more information to your Tweets and look similar Facebook or G+ messages that have links attached. Using them can drive more traffic to your site and increase the number of people following you on Twitter. There are different types of card depending on what you want to use them for. Summary Twitter Cards This is the default card used by the majority of sites that I have […] Continue Reading…

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What is Content Curation and What It’s Not?

content creation king crown

I often recommend Content Curation to my clients and contacts only to get the response. “What is Content Curation?” If you are unfamiliar with the concept, (or If you thought content curation was a happy medium for healing) then this article should set you straight. What is Content Curation? Curation  is a word that my spell check does not recognize but appears more and more frequently on the web. It refers to the process of managing, administering or organizing a collection of, for example, books, archives, artworks or animals in a zoo. Content Curation is the collection, categorization and publishing […] Continue Reading…

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CMF Ads – Make Money Promote Your Site

Move over Entrecard, make way for CMF Ads (Changing Marketing Forever) and make money at the same time as promoting your blog. Not only can you earn credits on CMF Ads by advertising on your blog, and use these credits to advertise on other blogs, you can buy and sell credits from CMF too: a credit costs $0.25. Member blogs are manually checked to ensure quality. How does CMF Ads work? You can see the CMF Ad slots in my sidebar – there are various combinations to choose from, ranging from one Ad spot to a 4 in one block. […] Continue Reading…

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I am an rssHugger

The things we do to entice visitors to our blogs! Now I am hugging RSS feeds in an attempt to get some link love. I only give my affection to those who deserve it though.. I have never been paid for it!! I have not yet to sold my blog body. (I did lend the sidebar of my old blog to Google Adsense for a while – does that count? I say ‘lend’ because of the pittance I earned). If there are any spammy kerb crawlers reading this please take note. Ok enough puns, back to the topic (I think […] Continue Reading…

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Do you drop yours? Entrecard that is!

Apologies for the title, I could not resist. What I have been dropping is my Entrecard – a kind of internet calling card. You can see where Entrecard members drop theirs for me – in my right sidebar. Once I have built up enough credits by pressing on the “drop yours’ button on other member sites I can then use these to advertise my site. I also earn credits when others drop in on me. It is too early to say if this will just bring some one off visitors or returning readers but I will keep you informed. In […] Continue Reading…

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If You Remember No Other Traffic Tip, Remember This One

I would recommend this post to those of you who are starting out blogging and are concerned about increasing traffic. John, of “Finding The Money” fame, has again come up with a well written article that pulls no punches and makes perfect sense. The article spurred me on and I hope you find it encouraging too. I am not going to give away his tip as you need to read it in context. (I also don’t think it good betiquette to take advantage of someone else’s idea in posts but I will certainly put his advice to good use.) If […] Continue Reading…

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