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New Year Motivation from Facebook Embeds

New Year Motivation and Facebook Embeds

Facebook can be a great motivational tool, if we take time to read the positive and take it to heart. You can also use Facebook embeds to include Facebook posts, images and videos in websites and blogs. This is the time of year for reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the future. I had plans to create some motivational messages until I read those posted on Facebook today. Instead I’m embedding some that inspired me the most. After that I’ll explain ways you too can bring Facebook posts into a blog post using the Facebook embeds feature. […] Continue Reading…

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Buy Team Site Traffic with Discount, Cashback and Bonuses

team site traffic training program and software

Buy Team Site Traffic from our Team and get cashback, bonuses (on top of the opening special discount prices)  and free advertising for your own team site: Team Site Traffic is on sale NOW at discount prices. Created by a trusted online friend and mentor, Gavin Mountford, Team Site Traffic is aimed at increasing your income. I think that is something all of us aspire too. Team Site Traffic Support I’ve already changed two of my sites to include Team Site Traffic – the plugin and methods. If you want to join my Team Site Traffic Support Team buy Team […] Continue Reading…

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Pulse Hover WordPress Plugin

Facebook Popularity of Post Types

In my last post I mentioned that I would tell you more about the Pulse Hover WordPress Plugin. Since then I got busy creating a couple of new sites and doing some SEO and promotion for them and I apologize that this post is overdue. Pulse Hover, which adds a variety of hover features to images, is a plugin I will use on all of my sites now. Popups are intrusive and, although they can be effective, they turn some visitors off. Pulse Hover gets around this  “in your face” effect by only appearing when an image is hovered over. […] Continue Reading…

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Bling Your Blog

Font Awesome examples in color

I am not averse to a little bit of bling as long as it is not ostentatious. A touch of sparkle or embellishment here and there can brighten the day. The same can apply to your blog, to make it stand out from the crowd. This blog design is a case in point with its custom header, shadow images under the posts on the home page, and feature boxes in posts. I enjoy tweaking the theme; a child theme I created from the Thematic framework. My latest addition is using a Google font for comment authors. Although my html and […] Continue Reading…

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Blogosphere News Sept 27th

Reading Your turn – if you have written or have read something that may interest readers here or come across a new site worth a look at let me know; by leaving a comment here or via my contact page. (The lattermay be best if it is your own post so that others do not perceive it as beingspammy) I will only publish comments that include links if the links are relevant and useful. (covering myself herein case I get spam!).If you are a regular reader you will know I try to feature posts from some of the lesser known […] Continue Reading…

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Lijit Blog Search Tool – Review and Tutorial

.Lijit is a search tool that offers a lot more features than the run of the mill default blog searches. I have just installed the Lijit Widget (Wijit) in my sidebar. Automatic installation is available for Blogger and Typepad via the widget setup and there is a brand new Lijit WordPress plugin that gives you the option of using Lijit as a stand alone search or incorporating it into the default WordPress search widget. Features Optional addition of some or all of your bookmarking, social networking and photo sites to Lijit will allow search of not only your blog posts […] Continue Reading…

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Get More Comments with KeywordLuv

A new WordPress plugin has to be unique and useful for me to write about it. The KeywordLuv plugin by Stephen Cronin of More than Scratch the Surface is just that. It is one of those “I know I have too many plugins, but I must have this one” plugin. What KeywordLuv does is allow for the inclusion of a name and keywords in the title field in the comments form. I see this as being useful to include your blog title alongside your name. Those who are familiar with your blog title but not your nickname can associate the […] Continue Reading…

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Yahoo Shortcuts plugin for WordPress

I have been trialling the WordPress ‘Yahoo Shortcuts‘ plugin for a week or so now. As I found it a little tricky to come to grips with, I thought I would give you a bit of a run down on how to use it and a review based on my experiences. The images and popup links in this post have mostly been embedded using the plugin. This plugin uses Yahoo Shortcuts to add Yahoo search popups and Creative Commons-licensed Flickr photos to blog content. The image to the left is an example of a Yahoo Shortcuts “badge”. As you are […] Continue Reading…

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Reasons I moved from blogspot Blogger

You may be wondering why I made the move over to WordPress rather than just transferring my blogspot Blogger blog to my own domain. Certain things bugged me about Blogger. Some of these have been solved by the new Blogger but it only possible, at this stage, to use classic blogger on your own domain. Disadvantages of using blogspot Blogger: I did not have as much control over my site as I would like. I enjoy tinkering with the coding and page customization. I wanted to add features that were not available to Blogger. Some features available to other blogging […] Continue Reading…

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