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How To Avoid Breaching Copyright

Online copyright breaches are numerous: never before have so many people had access to so much information, along with the means to republish it. Publishing unique content is not only better for your online reputation but it keeps you safe from inadvertent...

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Facebook Status Picture Quotes

Good Facebook status picture quotes are popular and shared extensively. They receive more comments, likes. and shares on other Facebook timelines than other types of post and can go viral. This is the first in a series of articles on Picture Quotes and how...

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Best Color Tools For Your Blog

Do you come across web and blog templates or themes that are ideal layout wise but the colors do not suit you or your site’s purpose. These are relatively easy to change via a templates CSS style sheet but you may need some help choosing the correct color combinations. There are numerous...

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100+ Free Christmas Images and Blogging Gifts

The internet has come alive with free Christmas gifts for download. It was hard to choose from all that was available but I have tried to bring you a selection of the best. I have spent hours searching, likely a subconscious excuse to put off wrapping Christmas gifts. Graphics and Icons Smashing...

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Search for Free Images

How do you go about finding free images for your website or blog? I recently talked about the best sites for good free images but you may prefer to do a general search rather than looking within one particular site. This way you are likely to have a wider range of images to choose from.Some of the...

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