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How To Avoid Breaching Copyright

Footprints in Sand

Online copyright breaches are numerous: never before have so many people had access to so much information, along with the means to republish it. Publishing unique content is not only better for your online reputation but it keeps you safe from inadvertent copyright breaches. When it comes to images the situation is more complicated. Creating your own takes skill and time and it is normal for us to use photos and images from online sources. We all want to leave footprints in the sand but we must do so without treading on anyone else’s toes. Image: Holly Hayes Flickr * […] Continue Reading…

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Facebook Status Picture Quotes

Facebook Status Picture Quotes thumb

Good Facebook status picture quotes are popular and shared extensively. They receive more comments, likes. and shares on other Facebook timelines than other types of post and can go viral. This is the first in a series of articles on Picture Quotes and how to easily create your own. By picture quotes I do not just refer to quotes by famous people or motivational and inspirational messages. I also mean using such text as funny statements, short jokes, questions, or calls to action on images. With the new Facebook interface, pictures and images are given more prominence on timelines and […] Continue Reading…

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Best Color Tools For Your Blog

Do you come across web and blog templates or themes that are ideal layout wise but the colors do not suit you or your site’s purpose. These are relatively easy to change via a templates CSS style sheet but you may need some help choosing the correct color combinations. There are numerous free online tools to help in your decision, so many that it can take time just choosing which tool to choose. Rather than creating a long list of what is available I have chosen a selection of a variety of the more comprehensive but easy to use free […] Continue Reading…

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100+ Free Christmas Images and Blogging Gifts

The internet has come alive with free Christmas gifts for download. It was hard to choose from all that was available but I have tried to bring you a selection of the best. I have spent hours searching, likely a subconscious excuse to put off wrapping Christmas gifts. Graphics and Icons Smashing Christmas Icon Sets Smashing Magazine always has great resources. Nicu’s holiday gallery contains these: There are 16 icon sets to be found at FreshFreeStuff.net including social networking and RSS buttons – Free Christmas Holidays Icon Roundup . This is a selection from the sets available: Gifts From Designers […] Continue Reading…

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Search for Free Images

How do you go about finding free images for your website or blog? I recently talked about the best sites for good free images but you may prefer to do a general search rather than looking within one particular site. This way you are likely to have a wider range of images to choose from.Some of the free stock image sites are aligned to non free sites and the free images may not be distinguished from the paid. It is frustrating to find an image you like on a free site to discover that it is from the paying site. […] Continue Reading…

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Best Sites For Good Free Stock Images

I have spent considerable time researching the best sites to find online free images/stock images, along with their copyright/ Creative Commons licences. Some of these sites will probably already be familiar to you but others new, as they were to me. I hope you find this of use, as it makes the time spent all worthwhile. Sites are listed in alphabetical order. Free Images BurningWell – a repository for public domain (free for any use) images. Donations welcomed – anyone have any Melbourne images they could upload, Melbourne is not represented there at all! Waterlillies – Fiji Flickr Usage: image […] Continue Reading…

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PhotoCrank Your Comments

I have recently been trying out PhotoCrank, a kind of annotation/comment system for web images, and have had some fun browsing blogs that have installed this feature. PhotoCrank allows the addition of word bubbles, graphics, comments and tags to any photo on any website. Those who have installed the browser extension can use the feature on any photo of any website.. In addition to the actual cranks, comments can made relating to those cranks. If you add the Photocrank engine to your blog then any reader can use the feature on the images you have enabled for its use. You […] Continue Reading…

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Excellent Free Online Image Editing Tools

Following my tutorial on adding borders to images I have been researching current online image editing applications which will allow you to do this and much more. Because of my web design activities I use Photoshop for image creation but the newer online editors are impressive and provide most of the editing functions I would require: they are much easier to use too. Image Editors with extensive features As well as allowing for upload of images from your computer, these applications allow you to import/export from other sites such as Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Facebook and MySpace. Common Features include: cropping […] Continue Reading…

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Add Borders to Images

Inbuilt blog editors make it relatively easy to insert and position images in posts but you can add some additional styling elements and make them more interesting. The WordPress insert image screen (Appearance tab) allows you to add inline styling for individual images In Blogger you have to enter the CSS styling manually. If you have a particular style that you are going to use regularly it is simpler to add the a class to your CSS styling. I will explain this more as I go along. WordPress Insert Image Screen Firstly I will show you how to just add […] Continue Reading…

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