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An Introduction to Hashtags

Social Media sites that use Hashtags

This introduction to Hashtags is the first in a series of posts about Hashtags in social media, their usage and value. Even if you already use Hashtags, I hope this series will extend your knowledge and help you to use them more effectively, to grow your network, and for branding,  promotion, and research purposes. What Is A Hashtag? A hashtag is a method of labeling/tagging posts on leading social media sites by preceding a word with the hash (pound) symbol, #. Adding  # before a topic creates a  link that is globally searchable, within the social media network it is […] Continue Reading…

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Optimize Images For Visitors

Social Networking - More Visitors - More Return Readers

As Google now takes more account of social reach, a very important aspect of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to optimize images for visitors. Eye catching, appealing images encourage readers to interact with your site, share on social networks, and to take action. Image Optimization for Social Sharing Images, rather than all text, shared via social media create more of an emotional response, more engagement and increased conversation. The quick rise in popularity of Pinterest and Instagram is testament to this as is the amount of comments images receive on Facebook. The more of your images your are shared on […] Continue Reading…

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Google Helpouts Help Out Marketers

Google Helpouts Feature Image

The newly launched Google Helpouts Service is set to become a money earner for marketers and for Google. Helpouts offer one on one, paid and free, help and tuition using video chat; Experts are offering their services in in a wide range of subject areas. For now you need an invitation to offer your help, as Google is vetting helpers for quality and security purposes.  If it really takes off  they may become known as Ghelpers and we will be Ghelping as well as Googling? While you may not be able to offer your expert help, as yet, you can […] Continue Reading…

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Bling Your Blog

Font Awesome examples in color

I am not averse to a little bit of bling as long as it is not ostentatious. A touch of sparkle or embellishment here and there can brighten the day. The same can apply to your blog, to make it stand out from the crowd. This blog design is a case in point with its custom header, shadow images under the posts on the home page, and feature boxes in posts. I enjoy tweaking the theme; a child theme I created from the Thematic framework. My latest addition is using a Google font for comment authors. Although my html and […] Continue Reading…

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Popular Quotations For Picture Quotes

Popular quotes and jokes for Picture Quotes

The 4th post in this series on making your own Picture Quotes is about how you can find good popular quotations to add to your images. Their is no shortage of online sources for you to find popular quotes to copy and paste and you likely have some favorites that you already know by heart.. Add them to a background image using one of the easy online image editors and you have your own unique picture quote. Original text is not necessary but your creation will be. You do not need to restrict your text to quotes made by famous […] Continue Reading…

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Guide to Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect is my latest social networking trial – partly because other blog community sites have not been too successful in bringing readers here lately and because, as usual, I cannot resist checking out something new. Although released for trial in May last year, the beta version is now available to all. When I first started writing this article I was the lone friend of my site. As you can see by the member icons in the Friend Connect member gadget, at the top of my sidebar, this has now changed. Initial enthusiasm for new social networking activities means […] Continue Reading…

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Google Gmail Gets Mail Goggles

"If you drink then email , you’re a bloody idiot" (to misquote a popular Aussie ad slogan for drink driving). Google seems to agree and has kindly provided us with Mail Goggles, for Gmail, a way of attempting to help stop us sending emails which we may later regret. Its method: prompting us to answer some maths problems at designated times – by default Mail Goggles is only active late night on the weekend as "this is the time that most people are likely to need it",. You can change the timings; which is handy if you are prone to […] Continue Reading…

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Blogosphere News Sept 3

Apologies if you have been visiting here in the last week looking for new posts. A website I am working on has been taking up a fair bit of time. The site is powered by WordPress but I have had to create a theme with quite a few tweaks to turn it into a CMS system that does what I want it to do. It has been a good learning experience and I am now getting my head around PHP – the simpler WordPress sort at least. However much I have enjoyed this, it has not stopped me getting regularly […] Continue Reading…

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Alternative Search Engines to Google

Will there be any alternative search engine to really challenge Google’s stranglehold in the near future? Will spam sites and parked domains continue to rate highly? Will we be able to search and actually easily find exactly what we are looking for? Will we be able to access a good range of valuable information on a topic without finding only those sites who have been successful in keyword and search engine optimization techniques? Google Search does has a lot going for it. It is the most popular, many people are happier staying with something they are familiar with and it […] Continue Reading…

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