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Sueblimely’s Silly Sunday (SSS) 5

A couple of sites appealed to my perhaps slightly offbeat sense of humor this week. Halliburton’s One-Size-Fits-All Climate Change Solution Winners of the “I Look Like My Dog” Contest Thanks to my son for the latter – I was having a sneaky peak through his Stumbleupon favorites. Well it was a surreptitious look at the time, if he reads this I will be sprung.. Please excuse the following if you object to the idea of insults but the words and language had me rolling with laughter. I would never insult anyone in any way of course. Shakespearean Insulter This comes […] Continue Reading…

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Sueblimely’s Silly Sunday (SSS) – 4

Things that tickled my fancy: Elgoog, the Google Mirror From the Odd Planet Blog – Tipping The Man From Life in the Fastlane- one of my favorite non-blogging blogs – The next-generation ideal blue collar worker A clever piece of animation: Poor Paris For those of you who have been following the trials and tribulations and trials of Paris Hilton, a tongue in cheek look at her reaction to being incarcerated. Please remember, you are welcome to submit content you think amusing by posting a comment to this post. If you are a blogger yourself, our senses of humor match […] Continue Reading…

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