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Multiple Uses for Subdomains

In my earlier post 25 Advantages of Subdomains, I talked about the advantages of using subdomains. Today I will expand on this by giving more details of usage and the type of software you can install.  Software you can add to a subdomain Subdomains are ideal...

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Blogging Benefits – Diversifying

My lack of regular posting recently has not been due to any lack of motivation or ideas, rather a lack of time. Part of the reason for this is a consequence of blogging itself which has led on to other activities. Even the social networking aspects have had to take a back seat lately. I...

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The WordPress CMS Site is Launched

The website that has been taking up my time and my passion, to the extent that I have not been posting here as often as I would like, is launched. The Fragile X Association of Australia now has an interactive site built around WordPress. From posts I have written before, you may know that I have a...

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Use of Forums for blogging – Gain Readers & Learn

I am going to talk today about the value for bloggers of actively participating in forums. I can hear you groaning now as you think that there is enough to do, peripheral to your actual blogging, without adding another element to your work load. Do not dismiss the idea out of hand though, remember...

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