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Blog For Readers not Google

“Ask yourself the secret of YOUR success. Listen to your answer, and practice it.”– Richard Bach While I was sitting on a page rank of 0, until the recent Google updates, I started changing tack in my attitude towards PR, deciding that I wanted to be able to run this blog with...

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Blogging opens up the world if we open our eyes and look

Reading the condolence messages for Benazir Bhutto led me to search further for information that would fill in the glaring gaps in my knowledge on current day Pakistan. Reading newspapers gives me some (hopefully) factual information but this does not tell me how people live, feel and think in...

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Be The Blog Award

Ev Nucci of My life is murphy’s law in a desire to recognize her blogging friends for Thanksgiving has kindly given out some awards. What a a lovely idea. “This badge is for bloggers who make their blog their own, stay with it, interact with their readers, and have fun.”   I am on the...

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Best Blogging Buddies

I have received my very first award on this blog. Thank you for thinking of me Colin – of the very highly regarded and awarded blog Life. (Colin has just received a WordPress.com Weblog Award)     It certainly is great to have blogging buddies. These are the people that return...

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