Last updated October 22nd, 2015 at 04:30 pm

I have considered blogging here again for a while now. Similar to writing to an old friend, who you have not been in contact with for a long time, I found it hard to know where to start. I decided to stop making excuses. Waiting until I had redesigned my theme was one of the main reasons. I am now putting off procrastinating; that can wait until another day.

I could have just written one of my tutorial type posts but that did not seem personal enough; after all, this is a blog, not an instruction manual. I want to connect and communicate with you and not talk at you.

Financial issues saw me alter my focus and enter the world of affiliate marketing/MLM. I did not think this blog was the vehicle for promotion. Instead I turned my attention to other avenues, for advertising purposes and connecting with others who were also committed to making some money online.

This included me writing on a different blog, Making Money Methods Online. Although it has served its purpose for advertising, I have not found it satisfying to write. I miss the community that developed through this blog.  Comments were scarce on the other. You cannot really expect those you are competing with you for referrals to comment, unless they too are bloggers who understand the importance of commenting for social networking purposes and for raising their own online profile.

I have built up a network of business contacts via Skype, Facebook, Twitter and various marketing networks.  For me, the most satisfying aspect of  this business networking has been mentoring, teaching newcomers and collaborating on building teams; groups of people who are willing to help each other.  I can then ignore the less savory aspects of affiliate marketing and feel that I am doing some good by helping others succeed.

Instead of needing to concentrate all my time on learning about the online marketing business I am now able to turn my attention here again. By returning to this blog I aim to,  once again, share my knowledge of the huge range of  resources and tools available to help with blogging, social networking and promoting yourself online. My time away has not been wasted as I have also learned a great deal that is of relevance here too.

To help me get started again, I have joined Gavin Mountford’s Networking Superstars team. I will talk more about that some other time; for now I just want to say welcome to my team members and all who are reading this.

For those of you who thought I had disappeared forever, to quote Elton John “I’m still standing, better than I ever did”