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Blogging Success - John Gordon Quote

This month I published my 500th blog post here on, and my comment count went over 9000. It’s not that I’m a prolific blogger but I’ve written here for 10+ years now.  I thought it a good time to look back and reflect on why I’m still blogging after all this time, when so many give up.

What’s the secret?

I think Jon Gordon summed it up when he said

“Donโ€™t chase dollars or success. Decide to make a difference and build meaningful relationships and success will find you.” Jon Gordon

Let me explain:

I had a break from blogging of almost a year at one time and it wasn’t because the blog wasn’t successful. It had reached a rank of PR6, I was regularly among the top 20 Australian bloggers, and other top blogger lists.

Why did I stop blogging?

I lost motivation. I’d built up good relationships with other bloggers but, over time, most  gave up. Communities I’d  joined closed down, because of the newer, larger social media networks . My blog comments were now mostly quick notes from strangers (or spam).

I’d set comments as do follow and this had been publicized in some popular lists. A lot of visitors were coming for the backlinks, but not primarily to read. My aim has always been to provide information to those who need it. I felt I was no longer doing this. (I now use commentluv which rewards with follow links, but only after 3 comments)

I’d enjoyed the social side and relationship building aspect of blogging but now I was a lonely blogger. Aww!

Blogging Disaster

It was partly financial circumstances that brought me back, but not to this blog. As I explained in Purpose, Persistence & Positivity Pays  that didn’t work out. My other site was too promotional, and I didn’t then know enough about online marketing to instruct or mentor. I joined some MLM programs under people I didn’t know well, and they didn’t, or couldn’t, help me learn.

Contacts persuaded me to join other things which didn’t sit with me ethically. Relationship building in online marketing is important, but they must be the right relationships.

A Return to Valuable Alliances

So back I came here, to what I consider my internet home, where I started building up blogging and marketing contacts, and friends, again. I’d almost given up on the idea of making money online, my confidence shot, but I don’t like giving up.

Power Affiliate Club founder, and constant mentor, Lesly Federici gave me the confidence to carry on and I sincerely thank her. As she says in her recent post 

“Because we are own worst critic, we donโ€™t see clearly our greatness. Thatโ€™s why surrounding yourself with people who really support and believe in you is vital. What they can do for you is what you can also do for others.”

(Lesly is running a program, starting next week, called DO IT WORKSHOP , which will be well worth joining)

Other community members give me inspiration too:

I’d lost the belief that I could succeed in online marketing but as David Merrill, says in Success is a Self Fulfilling Prophesy “what is essential is that you decide to succeed at something, and that you believe it.”

What I’ve learned from my alliances with others is worth more than any course I’ve done. This is especially true of the PAC community. It allows you to connect with knowledgeable, ethical, bloggers and marketers, for mutual support, and gives us a chance to pass on our experience to beginners. I am now one the their website expert authors.

I highly recommend joining PAC

I’ve talked about blogging affiliations in personal terms here. Donna Merrill tells us of other advantages of How Communities Build Site Traffic

Another PAC member, Rachel Lavern, is giving away a free training program: Savvy Steps to Get Your Online Business Booming . It’s a great example of providing value to readers.

I wish I could mention everyone in the PAC community, other online friends, and all those who leave valuable comments here. I really appreciate you and thank you for your  support. I’m no longer a lonely blogger ๐Ÿ™‚

Into The Future

As for here on, I’ll continue passing on my experience and knowledge (including stuff I learned about myself). What others have done for me, I can do for others! When I do promote a paying product it’s only because I’ve tried it and understand its value. Believe me, I’m well past that shiny objects stage. They tarnish too quickly!

I’ll always try to give value although, of course, that is in the eye of the beholder. As bloggers we need to find the right audience to reach those interested in our topics, don’t we?

PAC Bogging Carnival

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The last few weeks has been ones of reflection. In a couple of weeks, when I can see properly again after my eye op, I’ll be reviewing my new favorite, and time-saving, social networking tool. Reflection time is over for now. I’ve also cleared out some of the clutter which will give me more time to add to my free resources site.

I’m always willing to answer any questions you have about blogging, web themes, marketing and social media promotion. The best way to do this is in comments here or private messages on my Facebook Page, Sueblimely Sue Bride.

If you blog yourself, what have you gained from alliances with other bloggers?