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Persistence Quote Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know from experience that persistence pays.  Positivity might lack at times but, if you are steadfast in your purpose, minor set backs won’t hold you back. If you are struggling with life or business challenges I hope my story here will inspire you to keep on trying.

I also include an infographic of affirmations to remind you to keep persevering.

I almost gave up efforts to make a living online a few years ago but, funnily enough, it was success, albeit short-lived, rather than failure that caused it.

Persistence Means You Learn From Mistakes

I’d joined a so called “MLM” program before it launched and it became very popular and I was earning. A year or so later I had a referral who put in $1000. The next day the program was declared a ponzi scheme and the company put in liquidation! All assets were ceased.

I’d been withdrawing as I went along so wasn’t too concerned for myself. But, I felt so bad for the person who’d just put in that $1000. I hope he eventually got it back (profits were being reclaimed from high earners for those who’d lost) I was naive in that the site we were promoting was a failure; the only money coming in was from new referrals.

I realized that other programs I’d joined were likely much the same and dropped them.  I closed down a website where I promoted them and (very briefly) considered going back to accounting work.  Most of my contacts were still promoting the programs I no longer wanted to join.

The truth is I felt guilty. So much for my aim to help others make money too. I might have had some business success but I failed to be true to myself.  But as Marquita Herald of Emotionally Resilient Living says: Mistakes Are Our Gateway to Self-Discovery

I persisted and looked for new avenues. Read on to find out what I discovered. I’ve also included an infographic of affirmations to help you stay positive and persistent. They helped me during my time of transition.


Positive and Persistence Affirmations
Purpose. Positivity. Persistence Affirmations Infographic

Click on the image for full sized version.

Never Give Up

If you have a solid realistic purpose and a positive outlook you will persist. If others can succeed so can you, but it’s bound to involve mistakes and some failures.

The turning point for me came when a I was introduced to Lesly Federici and the then fledgling PAC group. Instead of being spammed and bombarded with “opportunities” I discovered new and legitimate online business methods, ideas, training and real support.

My new-found enthusiasm spurred me on and I haven’t looked back, until recently. If you’ve read my last 3 posts you’ll know that I became over-busy, overextended, and unproductive.  I was still  determined to persist but needed to work on being more positive and keep my goals in mind, and not what would happen if I fail. I’m pleased to say that I’m back on track.

Don’t you know I’m still standing better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
– Elton John

Focus On The Solution Not the Challenge

I wasn’t always quite so persistent. It’s life’s challenges that made me so, particular because of my son’s disability. (See post 1 in this series listed below) I’ve had strong lessons in how persistence pays and it created a resilience that sustains me.

Next week I’ll talk more about new directions I’ve taken and what actions helped me along that path.

PAC is a resource and community open to new and experienced bloggers who wish to increase their online income.  If that applies to you please do come and join us. As well as training and support, you can advertise your products and programs in the PAC shop, and have an opportunity to guest post on PAC as an expert author.

PAC Bogging Carnival


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This book really inspired me: The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy  – by top-selling author, Jon Gordon,  (One way I’ve increased productivity is to read books and not spend countless hours looking for solutions online)

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Has experience caused you to change direction in life or business? Are there times when you persisted when mistakes or failures tempted you to give up trying? Please let us know about your own journey.