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The Pulse Hover Plugin is no longer available.


In my last post I mentioned that I would tell you more about the Pulse Hover WordPress Plugin. Since then I got busy creating a couple of new sites and doing some SEO and promotion for them and I apologize that this post is overdue.

Pulse Hover, which adds a variety of hover features to images, is a plugin I will use on all of my sites now.

Popups are intrusive and, although they can be effective, they turn some visitors off. Pulse Hover gets around this  “in your face” effect by only appearing when an image is hovered over.

Importance of Social Sharing

  • Google takes account of how much content is shared to decide its worth for placement in search. The more viral a post the higher up it will be in the SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Pages)
  • Shared content is seen by the contacts and followers of the person who shares it. More sharing equals more blog visitors and more regular readers.

Image Sharing

This illustration by Social Bakers shows the amount of image sharing on Facebook compared to other messages. Then there is Pinterest which is all image sharing.

Facebook Popularity of Post Types

Image with Pulse Hover Sharing Icons

How Pulse Hover Can Help You

Pulse Hover Demo Video

Pulse Hover Features

You can automatically apply a particular hover effect  to all images on posts and or pages  on your blogs. Or, as I have done, you can quickly manually apply a different hover feature to each image.

Social Networking Sharing or Follow Hover Effects

Normal sharing icons are so common on blogs  that they are often ignored because of what is known as “icon blindness”  Pulse Hover Social Icons are not ignored  and act as a prompt and reminder for your readers to share your posts and images or to follow you on your own social networks.


Pulse Hover Plugin with Follow Me Icons

Call To Action Buttons and Images

Add a button or badge to your images using the Pulse Hover images or by uploading your own.

Call To Action Buttons

Pulse Hover Button Options

Pulse Hover Badges

Pulse Hover with uploaded button.

Background Images for Hover Features

Instead of only buttons, badges or icons you can add a background image to them and choose its transparency. Again you can use what is supplied by the plugin or upload your own.

Background Tiles

Pulse Hover Background Effects

Pulse Hover Pro

Pulse Hover Pro adds extra powerful functions which are especially useful for

  • Lead generation
  • Building email lists
  • Increasing blog subscribers
  • Advertising

The pro version allows you to add Opt-In Forms, custom ads with your own images and text plus pulse hover effects to text.

[pulsehover_text preset_name=”Download Now Button”]An example of a Pulse Hover effect
added to text.[/pulsehover_text]


How about adding an Opt-In form to  an image that is likely to get pinned and shared.

Sea and Clouds

Pulse Hover Opt-In Form

Or an Image Ad like this?

Patio next to sea

Example of Image Ad

I would not normally add so many different effects and features to one post. This would be overwhelming and annoying but I needed to do it here for illustration purposes.

So I apologize for being overwhelming and annoying with this post!

The features mentioned above are part of Pulse Hover Pro. The free version only comes with the sharing buttons but these are enough for most users.

The link below is for the Pro version. To get the free version, click close on page and when you are asked if you want to leave the page say no. The page that appears lets you put in your email address to get the free download.

Pulse Hover Plugin

What do you think of the plugin and which features would you find use for?

I have changed the links to the plugin as the affiliate program sadly only lasted during the initial launch period.