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Microsoft One Note is my primary method of recording all details of my online business programs, blog notes, web design and development activities, personal notes and reminders. My records are always available to me from any computer, anywhere. If you need to be organized I highly recommend that you consider using this program. It has improved my efficiency, productivity and time management and is a vital tool for me.

Built into many of the MS Office packages, One Note does not get the attention it deserves. Its features are far more extensive and powerful than Evernote and other note taking tools.

onenote notebook

Example of One Note Notebook Layout

Advantages of One Note

  • Your information is all in one place and very easily accessible.
  • No saving is necessary.. You will not lose information as everything is automatically saved  when you add to or alter a page..
  • You can create multiple notebooks, sections, pages and sub-pages and move between them quickly and easily.
  • You can copy text, images, video, and audio and paste them into One Note, keeping the formatting too if you wish.
  • When you copy text from a website the url is automatically inserted too. Example:.Capture text, images as well as video and audio notes with One Note.
    Pasted from
  • Copying and pasting is not restricted to webpages. You can copy from file types such as Word, Excel tables, and pdfs.
  • If you use other Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel, you will already be familiar with many of the functions in One Note  (menu system, formatting, saving ….). You can keep your notes well laid out, making them easy and quick to refer to.
  • You have the options to share your notebooks on a home network, so that you can access them on different computers, or save to Skydrive to use them from the web.
  • You can save pages, sections and notebooks as pdf files, MS Office Word documents or as single file web pages (Office .mht format).

Saving & Sharing Options in One Note

Saving and Sharing Features of One Note

My next post give you some examples of how to use One Note