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It’s easy for me to use the sort of positive words I spoke of in my last post, when it comes to small, friendly, blogging communities where members offer mutual support, motivation and inspiration.

Here are two which are, at present, accepting some new members. They is a wonderful for increasing your blog comments,  getting to know fellow bloggers and developing more contacts and business leads.

Both are run via Facebook Groups. Members, rotate through a small sub-group of blogs each week. We are required to comment on a post of each member in our current sub-group, plus 2-3  featured blogs,  and share on Social Media sites.  Points are awarded for each blog you comment on so if you include blogs outside of your sub-group you earn more. Weekly bonuses are given for those who participate the most.

Power Affiliate Club – PAC

PAC bloging community site

Under the expert guidance of its creator Lesly Federici, the Power Affiliate Club grew from its beginnings as a Facebook Blogging Group to now include its own website.

The Power Blogging and Affiliate Community on Facebook  aims at bringing together affiliate bloggers, for mutual support, blog commenting and social sharing,

Optional weekly focus groups and support webinars on Google Hangouts add more mutual help and enhance the sense of community.

Last year group admin Monna Ellithorpe came up with the excellent idea to expand the group’s function by providing a way for us to advertise our affiliate opportunities so we can buy from, or join, fellow members. Who better to buy from than someone who will provide ongoing support and guidance; someone who has already proved helpful and who’s easily accessible to you.

This idea led to the creation of our own website, the Power Affiliate Club. Monna talks about the birth of the PAC site in her post The Idea And The Vision.  A group of PAC members, including myself, take it in turns to write posts on Blogging, Social Media, Marketing, Mindset and product reviews. We advertise our products and services via the PAC shop. Rotators ensure that if there’s more than one seller, each gets a fair chance of the sale. We sell, tried and trusted, affiliate and MLM products, training courses, tools and resources.

With all features running smoothly and successfully new members can apply to join.

Biz Blogging Buzz

Bizz Blogging Buzz Community

Biz Blogging Buzz, (B3) run by Kim Brink – Castleberry  is another excellent Facebook blogging community.

B3 has been around longer than PAC and there are openings for new bloggers. Members often leave because they’re now more successful, develop their own niche audience, and can’t commit time to the group. Isn’t that a great recommendation as to  how valuable it is?

The advantages of joining  groups like this are more than just commenting on and sharing each others blog and social media posts. We learn from each other, gain inspiration, motivation and new ideas. It’s teamwork at its very best.  From experience these types of communities are unusual for marketing bloggers. They’re a breath of fresh air in the competitive whirlwind of online marketing.

If you believe in helping and supporting other bloggers please consider joining one, or both of these groups. The benefits for you will make the time and effort well worthwhile.

I know that many of you, who visit here regularly, come from these two groups so please  tell us the ways you find them useful.

Do you know of any similar business blogging groups?