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The 4th post in this series on making your own Picture Quotes is about how you can find good popular quotations to add to your images.

There is no shortage of online sources for you to find popular quotes to copy and paste and you likely have some favorites that you already know by heart. Add them to a background image using one of the easy online image editors and you have your own unique picture quote. Original text is not necessary but your creation will be.

Picture Quote Pun

You do not need to restrict your text to quotes made by famous people; you can also add sayings, sage pieces of wisdom, jokes, puns and quips.

Where To Find Popular Quotations

  • Search dedicated popular quotation sites.
  • Do a web search or image search  for popular quotations and the category, (for example “popular motivational quotes”, “business quotes” “funny quotes”.
  • Pinterest and Instagram is a good source to find popular picture quotes. Find popular quotations, jokes, sayings and add them to your own background images. Look for those that have been repinned the most.
  • Reproduce quotes you see on your social networks, judging popularity by how many shares they have had. You may not want to publish yours straight away, even if you’ve created your own image for it; your friends may have shared the quote already. To quote Marie Antoinette “There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.”
  • Look on different social networks to where you are going to post yours. For example, if you are going to post on Facebook look on G+ or vice versa.
  • Yourself: be creative and think up some yourself, or adapt other quotes. Images themselves can spark ideas. For example, a photo of a mountain is good for success quotes about reaching the top.
  • Note down funny and clever remarks you hear on TV.

Picture Quote - skylight

Good Quotation Sites

Humor Sites – short jokes, one-liners

Dedicated Facebook Picture Quote Pages


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There are many more online resources for popular quotations, sayings and jokes, and you may find others that suit your purpose, philosophy and sense of humor.

Remember: your picture quotes can help:

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If you know of other good quotation sites, please do let us know.