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(Added 2015)

Although this image generator post is way out of date and I could have updated it. I left it so you can see how far we’ve come, since 2008. with the type and variety of image tools available online today. It’s not just the post that’s aged – it’s disconcerting to see how much younger I looked 7 years ago.

As I was preparing my recent posts on images I came across image generator tools you may find a place for in some of your less serious posts.

Yearbook Yourself

rubics cube generator

Its amazing how much I look like my mother once I add a 1960’s look.


A range of generators including:

sticky note generator

street sign generator

  • Say What – add speech bubbles to an uploaded photo
  • roflbot Add text to an image -create lolcat or lolband type images


Another site with multiple generators. e.g.

rubics cube generator

Doppel Me – create your own avatar.

avatar generator

Reflection Maker

sueblimely reflected

Image Chef

There are many different kinds of generators at Image Chef – example:

lolcats generator

Comic Strip Generator – choose backgrounds, characters and add your own text.

cartoon generator

Why would you want to do this for fun you may be asking – well, you may want to submit them to graphjam:


Big Huge Labs Flickr Toys

LoonaPix – add frames and borders and trim your images Make Funny Pictures Online

Why would you want to create silly images?:

  • As a break from tedious work.
  • You need more practice perfecting procrastination
  • To add special effect images to your blog and possibly get them Stumbleupon Photoblogged – hint hint.
  • You wantto be a star contributor on:
    • icanhascheezerburger sites (lolcats, loldogs, pundit kitchen….), althouth they do provide their own generator (if you need to learn lolcat speak try the Definitive Lolcats Glossary
  • Just to be silly – the only reason needed?

Thanks to the Generator Blog for putting me onto some of the image generator tools – it would have saved me a lot of time if I had found this site to begin with.