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One Note Examples of Use

As promised, I am following up on my last post, ” Productivity With One Note“; this time to give you examples of how I use the program. I am a blogger, web designer, and internet marketer. This is in addition to my roles as mother/carer and committee member of a national disability charity. I need to be well organized so that I can easily swap from role to role.

I always keep One Note open and available for every time I want to make any kind of notes. I have a few separate “Notebooks” open at a time, which are all accessible from any page I am on. Within each Notebook I have different “Sections”, subdivided yet again into different “Pages” and “Sub-pages”. Automatic color coding of the different areas makes it easy to find what you are looking for. If you are familiar with Evernote then One Note Notebooks are like Evernote Stacks and One Note Pages equate to Evernote Notebooks.

onenote notebook
Example of One Note Notebook Layout

I have separate Notebooks for Business, Blogging, Web Design and Personal Notes. The following is an example of my Business Notebook:

One Note Business Notebook


I have created sections based on major activity areas. Here is a selection of my own Business Notebook sections.

one-note-section diagram

Pages and Sub-Pages

You are able to split each section into different pages and sub-pages. Sub-page tabs are indented and a lighter color. The page you are currently on is highlighted in a different color.

OneNote diagram - pages

If you have two distinct areas that you want to distinguish within one Notebook you can create separate “Section Groups”, each having their own Sections, Pages and Sub-Pages.

Blogging Notebook

I have a separate Notebook to record notes, links and information relating to this blog. I will not go into detail about this Notebook: you should now have a good idea of how you are able to categorize and split your notebook into Sections, Pages and Sub-pages.

Here are some suggestions as to what you can use this notebook for:

  • Important links
    • Links you need to copy and paste regularly such as your blog and RSS urls and social networking ids.
    • Links to sites you visit regularly: other blogs, social networking sites, forums.
  • Contacts details
  • Blog Posts and Pages- You can write your notes here as well as your blog posts/pages themselves (or just keep a copy of your published posts and pages).
  • Research Notes
  • Sites that you have submitted your blog to.
  • Examples of coding
  • Links to sites you use for images and online editing tools
  • Links to Template Sites

Personal Notebook

  • Reminders
  • To Do Lists
  • Appointments
  • Events
  • Work Notes
  • Your children’s activities: sport, recreation, school notes etc.
  • Home organization – product research and prices, home renovations notes, garden design and plants,
  • Hobby notes.
  • Recipes (you may even have use for a separate notebook just for these)
  • Christmas Lists
  • Vacation Planning

Support for Excel means that you can import or create tables directly in One Note. Copying and pasting important (part or whole) documents and pdfs into One Note helps keep all your information in one place.

You can also print documents directly to One Note using the file/print function in applications, from web pages and by scanning. For temporary notes you can use what is called a “sidenote” which is easy to delete when you no longer need it. You do not even need to have One Note open for this as a taskbar item will open up a sidenote window for you.

All notebooks are searchable, so if you do forget where you added a note you can still find it.

Formatting features allow you to layout and design your pages. Using headings, and different font colors and sizes, are useful for some pages, to allow you to scan through them more easily.

All of my Notebooks are accessible from any computer, anywhere. I make sure I have backups: these files are far too important to lose. I use a program called Good Sync for my backups, from the company that also makes the password manager, Roboform

Can you think of any other uses for One Note?

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I am Sue Bride, a Professional Blogger, Web Developer and Internet Marketer from the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Here I talk about tools and resources for Blogging, Social Media, Networking, Wordpress, SEO, Images and Marketing. I create Wordpress sites for charity and small business.
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  1. Posted October 30, 2012 at | Permalink

    Always love reading your blogs Sue. They are always informative and well written. Great work. Thanks for the read.

  2. Posted November 2, 2012 at | Permalink

    Great post, very informative and helpful, i tweeted and Fb liked for you :)
    Ptc World recently posted…Brand New Sixty Daily PaymentsMy Profile

  3. Posted November 4, 2012 at | Permalink

    Boy, there sure are lots of things you can do with One Note. I will have to look into it. Of course, I’m not sure I could be as organized as you seem to be :)

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning recently posted…No More ‘JammiesMy Profile

  4. Posted November 5, 2012 at | Permalink

    This is great to know…anything that can help me be more organized…I am an Evernote fan…but can see where this application offers more options. Thanks.
    Celeste Smucker recently posted…To Live Younger Longer, Cultivate PatienceMy Profile

  5. Posted November 7, 2012 at | Permalink

    Sue…to be completely honest, I have never used One Note…but based on your article, it seems like I need to. I have got to step it up in terms of using productivity tools. Thanks for the recommendation. THis is super helpful!!
    Christi Johnson recently posted…Brief Article – Earn Extra Money For Christmas – Project Life Described and NMVT OutedMy Profile

  6. Posted November 7, 2012 at | Permalink


    Thanks for explaining how you use One Notebook. it is an interesting filing system.

    Currently, I label folders in MS word, then I put sub-folders, and then lots of loose files not in the sub folders but in the main folder. I do know where the folders are and I am careful to label everything. But I do not have tabs and sub tabs or different colors for the sections.

    Dr. Erica
    DrErica recently posted…What If YOU Knew the Secret to Living Past 100?My Profile

  7. Posted November 18, 2012 at | Permalink

    Great tips, knowing me I would be overly organised and have notebooks for everything!
    Ben recently posted…Do You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur?My Profile

  8. Posted December 3, 2012 at | Permalink

    Why don’t you use Evernote?

    I wasn’t bummed out when I left Windows for Mac over most software, but OneNote and MyLifeOrganized hurt a little. But I actually wound up liking Evernote more, since it does the key stuff but also syncs.

    What made the call for you?
    Sebastian recently posted…Why not?My Profile

  9. Posted December 5, 2012 at | Permalink

    I will now consider One Note. Never tried .. Emerged a reason.

  10. Posted December 10, 2012 at | Permalink

    great information about organizing the daily note ..based on your article,i think every one needed it..thanks for well done information..

  11. Posted December 22, 2012 at | Permalink

    using one note for almost one year, as one of tools in ms office obnoxious pack. but really fell in love with this product and now using it for my college stuff.
    Hemendra Kumar Saini recently posted…Very Very Short QuotesMy Profile

    • Posted January 29, 2013 at | Permalink

      I find it totally indispensable and use it numerous times every day to add notes and urls and to copy links for form filling and ads etc.

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