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I left my daughter to my main PC this weekend – being in transit from living in her flat in Melbourne to various places in Western Australia she has not had internet access at home. (I shudder at the thought of not having internet!) I managed to share my Thunderbird mail with my bedroom PC (usually just used for recording and watching TV shows) to attempt a catch up on reading. Not being able to access my email for a few days, because of running out of download limit I was well behind. As usual links in emails sent me off to the web where I dallied far too long to read much of my mail.

Enough twittering. Instead I am going to share some information I discovered in these web wanderings:

  • Meg from Dipping into the Blogpond alerted us to the fact that Google Webmaster tools now allows us to geographically target blogs that have a generic domain suffix (eg .com, .net). This is relevant to all bloggers who reside outside the US and have a local Google search engine. Now I have set this blog as being Australia based I hope to appear more in If you use Google Webmaster tools then head over to Meg’s post at Attention Aussie Bloggers and find out how to do this. (The post does not just apply to Aussies)
  • Mashable have published a list of major blogging events with excellent descriptions – Top 10 Events for Bloggers.
  • Peachpit Press explains how to integrate image software ‘Gallery’ into a WordPress Blog Customizing WordPress: Integrating Other Apps.
  • Romlet is a new stats and social networking tool. I have just added their widget to my sidebar and will let you know more about it once I have had time to monitor the results.


  • HelloTxt is a time saver if you use a variety of microblogging services. Hellotxt lets you post one message, via their web site, and send it out to such services as Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce . Other services it supports to date include meemi, and yappd , which is closing down tomorrow (for a little while?) after being bought out. I have not tried these last two.


  • Voting for the 2007 Weblog Awards is now open. I will be voting to show appreciation for my favorites.


  • Aboogy is a free bookmark manager and personal startpage which you can make public. It may be good to use for linking to the places you can be found on the internet (social networking, bookmarking, microblogging sites etc)
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