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Here are some of the articles I have been reading recently which I thought may be of interest to you.

  • The winners of the Lists Group Writing Project.
  • The Blog Idols is a search to find the Globe’s Blogidol. We will be searching across the World and will find the best of the best bloggers.
  • Some SEO Basics and Alexa Rank Mistakes
  • 2007 Survey of the Biblioblogosphere: Blog Demographics
  • BlogRush Click Maximizer WordPress Plugin– for those using the Blogrush this plugin gives you control over what appears on your widget.
  • PicMarkr lets you to add custom watermark (image or text) to your images online and free -useeful when you need to add copyright protection or if you want to add comments or your photos.
  • 115 Social News and Bookmark Sites Ranked and Rated – 115 social bookmark and news sites ranked by pageRank, number of links and value of each site.
  • 75 Ways to Increase Your Siteโ€™s Traffic from Tay of Super Blogging
  • Searchles TV Remash is a recently launched social search and social networking hybrid with an online video-editing tool that allows you to edit ANY YouTube video and mashup the video cuts.
  • TiddlyWiki is an ingenious free application that is ideal for taking and organizing notes, organizing to-do lists, and even managing small personal databases. It is basically an html file (a webpage) stuffed with special code that allows you to create small snippets of information called Tiddlers. These tiddlers can be linked by tags and hyperlinks, and tucked away. When you need them again, you can use a search window, your own personalized tables of contents, or any number of handy tiddler indexes to find them quickly. Think ofTiddlyWiki as an easily-searchable catalog of 3×5 cards and post-it notes all linked together in one file.

I use my delicious account to bookmark may more sites relating to blogging too – you will probably get some idea of what I intend to blog about in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ Delicious has an add to friends feature too, so if you wish to keep track of what people are reading this is a good way of doing it. Here I am Sueblimely Delicious

Please let me know your own account url in comments here – I will add you to my friends.