Last updated April 14th, 2016 at 11:43 pm

You may have noticed the links to my new Social Media Magazine and Resources Site at the top of this page. I do hope you find them useful.  This year I’ve decided that rather than just planning I’m going to “just do it”.  This way I can work out what’s the most valuable for you, rather than just wondering and putting it off.

Daily Social Media Magazine

Social Media Magazine

This is a daily magazine compiled using I’ve gone pro so I have more options and can publish it here on my site (a subdomain) where it’s easier for you to find.

What’s Included in the Social Media Magazine

  • All posts from 25 of the top Social Media sites
  • Twitter Tweets that use the tag #socialmedia. There are the occasional “wrongly” tagged posts, talking about something completely different, but I delete these when I spot them.
  • Good articles on social media from other sites.
  • Posts suggested to me by my friends, contacts and blog readers.

(One of the handy features is a toolbar bookmarklet which lets me add any article I think of interest to you)

If you write a post on social media that you feel worth inclusion please contact me (via my FB page Sueblimely Sue Bride is best because I’m swamped by email again!)

Blogging and Social Media Resources Site

Free Resources Site Information

I’m busy working on new content for my Resources Site, another subdomain.  My aim is to give you timeless information about blogging, social media, and digital marketing. I’ll also add lots more free images, templates, and links to useful (mostly free) tools. I’ll provide PDF versions for the resources you might like to keep handy.

The latest additions are

  • All the Social Images I’m giving away to date. So as not to overload my server with large images  I asked that you sign up for these so I can point you to the zip files. I’ll also keep you informed of updates. If you know me then you’ll also know I email infrequently! That’s not good for list building but no doubt a relief to those who have over-sized, overloaded inboxes.
  • List of (Mostly Free) Resources for Digital Marketers detailing online tools and software I use or have used, and recommend.
  • Transparent Grid Images for Facebook Ads –  please see my post on the intricacy of Facebook Ad Image Rules for more details.
  • A-Z of Blog Post Ideas
  • Big List of Facebook Fanpage Post Ideas

I know I don’t blog as often as I could and this new site gives me the chance to share the information I’ve collected over the years, without having to worry about pleasing the search engines. I’ll post links to my heart’s content, not worry about keywords, adding images, or the number of words in a post. In fact there won’t be any posts on there at all, they’ll all be pages.

I will keep you updated on this blog when anything major is added. Otherwise, if you’ve subscribed to any of my lists, I’ll let you know by email.

As you can see I’m now using two subdomains for very different purposes If you’re interested in find out more about subdomain use please see my posts here:

Your Feedback PLEASE

I’d really appreciate your input into what I include in the Resources site.  I want anything I do add to be really useful to you. Please either comment here, send me a message by my contact form or drop me a message via Facebook.

Thank you in advance 🙂