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Increasing Awareness For A Cause by Blogging, Social Media, Images and Video

Are you passionate about a particular cause and desire to spread information and increase awareness online? There might be a charity you wish to help promote, a misunderstood or rare disability or health condition,  injustices, social issues, letting people know of support available …?  The list is wide.

What can you do to get heard above all the noise of the internet? How can you broadcast your own message and encourage others to share it.

For years now I’ve been broadcasting my own pet cause, Fragile X. In 1994 my son was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, after I’d searched hard for someone to give me answers for his delayed development.

Apart from some scientific documents there was no published information. To make sense of these, I created an information package which I sent out by snail mail. It was slowly passed on and eventually reached a number of parents here in Australia and US.

Then came the web to open up the whole world. Now anyone has a voice to broadcast messages loud and clear across the globe. I jumped on the opportunity.

Fragile X Syndrome Facts

Ways to Increase Awareness

Post to Social Media Sites

Of the social media sites, Facebook and YouTube have the widest reach. Images are extremely popular on Facebook and they can also be posted to image sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

You can easily create images yourself using online tools such as Canva, or find some posted by others and share those. Making your own is as simple as downloading free images, or using your own photos, and adding text to them. Check out those I’ve made on my Fragile X Awareness Facebook Page for some ideas.

With a web cam, you can easily make your own videos and upload them to YouTube.  If you are not confident at doing this, create a video slideshow. I create mine using Video Maker FX, which is simple to use.

Rather than sharing only an image try to link to a website where there’s more information.  You can make images clickable using a simple online tool called Pic Redirect.

  • Create your own Facebook Page and post to it regularly. Post about your topic on your profile page too, but not too often.
  • Connect with others who share similar passions. Join Facebook groups to find like-minded people.
  • Create your own Facebook Group and build a community of people who also want to raise awareness

Linked In

Linked In has many helpful groups of people sharing their experience and knowledge about non-profit causes.


Why not create your own website and blog? With today’s software it’s easy, and free, using online services such as Or you can buy your own domain name, and hosting, and use WordPress on your own site. It’s surprisingly cheap. Please contact me for help and advice, or if you want me to build you a site.

You don’t need to be an expert in your topic to create awareness. You can link to websites and social media pages that offer more information. Talk from your heart about why the cause is important to you. Tell stories of your own experiences and ask others to share their own stories.

Share links to your site, and blog posts, on Facebook and other social media sites. WordPress can automate this for you. Ask your friends and family to share too.

Blogging regularly helps your site get listed in the search engines so that more people will find it. Commenting on posts on similar sites will bring visitors to read and comment on your own site.

Dedicated Community Sites

Causes is a free community site dedicated to at  discovering, supporting and organizing campaigns, fundraisers, and petitions around the issues that impact you and your community.

More reading for you

Whatever method you use to create awareness, you have to reach the people it’s aimed at.  How to build awareness for your campaign on the Socialbrite site talks about this.

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If you know of other ways to spread awareness online, please comment below. I can always edit this post to add them.