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Facebook images posts attract the most engagement so, in light of the festive season, I’ve prepared a feast of Facebook sized Christmas Greeting images for free download. Each image is 504px x 504px which fits the Facebook window nicely. They’re also a reasonable size for Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, and Twitter.

Update – Also download my 2015 Christmas Greetings Images

There are three sets, each with a different message: Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy Christmas. The images are either those I’ve created myself or adapted from free public domain images, so there’s no worries about copyright.

Rather than only share images others have posted, it’s good to post your own. That way if the image is shared your profile or page name and link appears. Social media sharing is excellent for rewarding and acknowledging your friends and contacts but we should always aim to post our own content too.

In the case of greetings messages, you can post them directly to a  friend’s profile. Because I’ve included a whole range of images and messages, you can post different greetings to different contacts. With a mix of modern and traditional designs you’ll be able to find something to suit everyone. I included one for the southern hemisphere’s Christmas in summer.

If you want to personalize them more just upload an image to an online photo editing program, such as Canva, and add the recipient’s name.

Seasons Greetings Facebook Images

Seasons Greetings Christmas Facebook Images Free Download

Merry Christmas Facebook Images

Merry Christmas Facebook Images Free Download

 Happy Christmas Facebook Images

Happy Christmas Facebook Images Free Download


Facebook Images Posts – Engagement Statistics

Look at the amount of engagement (shares, likes, comments) that images receive compared to other social media type posts: These statistics come from the post Photos Are Still King on Facebook by Social Bakers

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