Flat WordPress Theme Trend

What is your WordPress theme wardrobe like this season? Does it hold fashionable attire or is it more traditional? Can you reach into it and change, to match your needs and the people you’re mixing with?

This is the first in a series of posts introducing you to flexible and easy to customize WordPress themes to dress your blog. As bloggers we need to stand out from the crowd, whatever the occasion and for branding purposes first impressions count.

WordPress Theme Fashion

Whether you want your blog to wear an elegant little black dress (or business suit), be more casual, stun with originality, or show its creative side, there are now WordPress Themes to suit you.Β  When it hangs out with the mobile crowd it can take off some accessories. For special events it can create more of a splash.

Comfort is in fashion for blogs, no more high heels are needed. Flat is in.

Flat Modern WordPress Theme Examples

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Old Fashioned Web Design

Those glassy glossy buttons of the start of the Web 2 era are so out of style, as is the cluttered look and the Plain Jane header, content, sidebar, thin footer look.. Theme authors can now weave more interesting fabrics on machines run by a much improved WordPress engine. If you keep to some basic fashion tips then anything goes.

Old Web Design Examples

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Flexibility in Your WordPress Theme Wardrobe

An extensive wardrobe is expensive. Mix and match garments are more flexible and cost-effective. One size never really fits all. It’s the same with a WordPress theme. Why be restricted when you can be original, why not easily change your look without having to buy something new? Even for dressier events you can incorporate a few items to suit the occasion. Something easily customizable fits the bill.

You may be fortunate enough to afford a designer but most bloggers can only use off-the-rack items. Have you ever bought a reasonably priced item of clothing only to find that you don’t have anything to match it with?Then you have to go out and buy something else.Β  A free WordPress theme may look good on the surface, but not if you have to pay out extra (sometimes monthly) for features that come free with a premium theme.

Whatever you blog about, there’s a need toΒ  highlight certain aspects: sign up forms, a popular post, a give away, a new product or service…. Your theme needs to let you easily add these, when and where you want.Β  You can change your mind and move things around if they’re not working where they are.

Sidebars get ignored and disappear down to the bottom on mobile devices. They’re no longer very effective but widget areas elsewhere draw more attention.

Coming Up

The WordPress themes I’ll be talking about will allow you that flexibility to create your own look and to easily change as your needs change. I’ll cover themes with plenty of inbuilt design functions, custom theme builders and those with a large choice of widget areas. Special events are covered by inbuilt splash and landing pages so you don’t need to hire something. These themes don’t need any knowledge of coding. You can make them fit perfectly without paying for alterations, even down the track. If your blog “puts on weight”, or fashions change, there’s no need to change your whole wardrobe.

I need to practice what I preach and update the theme here so this series is partly a way to challenge to myself to come up with something that has all the features I recommend!

I’m a real theme junkie and buy and try all sorts and will review the best. Where I’m impressed with the features and look of a theme I haven’t tried, I’ll invite someone to give their own review.

Your Turn

If you use a flexible WordPress theme, which completely suits your needs, please let me know in the comments.

Are there any features you don’t have in your theme that you’d like?

Are there any particular themes you’d like me to review?