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Good Facebook status picture quotes are popular and shared extensively. They receive more comments, likes. and shares on other Facebook timelines than other types of post and can go viral. This is the first in a series of articles on Picture Quotes and how to easily create your own.

By picture quotes I do not just refer to quotes by famous people or motivational and inspirational messages. I also mean using such text as funny statements, short jokes, questions, or calls to action on images.

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Examples of Picture Quotes

With the new Facebook interface, pictures and images are given more prominence on timelines and are shown more often than other messages.

Many of you already post Facebook status picture quotes on your own timeline; by sharing those posted by other people and pages. Sharing these on your own timeline wall may bring you more comments and likes but they always link back to the original page that published them. It is much more beneficial to your own online reputation to upload and post this kind of image yourself as your own Facebook status messages.

Be a Leader Not a Follower

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Advertise yourself not other people:

  • Take advantage of the popularity of picture quotes.
  • Make the best use of the new look Facebook wall so that your own posts appear on your friends walls more often.
  • Bring out your own personality.

A new study by Cambridge University shows how your Facebook Likes Can Predict your Personality

Facebook LIkes and Personality

Can liking curly fries on Facebook really be an indication of intelligence?

Advantage of Facebook Status Picture Quotes?

  1. Increases the number of shares, comments and likes you receive on your status messages.
  2. Encourages friends to visit your page more often.
  3. Makes you more widely well known because others will share YOUR images.
  4. Gains more friend requests.
  5. Builds your own reputation on Facebook
  6. Increases your score on reputation scoring sites such as Klout.
  7. You can add your images to on Pinterest and share on other social networking sites, such as Twitter and G+.
  8. Show your personality by sharing picture quotes you like. How

This is all cumulative, the more you post popular Facebook Status picture quotes, the more popular YOU become.

How To Make Images Online

This post is the first in a series on Facebook status picture quotes.In following posts I will show you:

  • where to find free background images and I will be giving away some free images.
  • where you can find good quotations and ideas for text on images. I will be giving away my own lists of quotations, gathered over the years.
  • where and how you can quickly and easily create your own Facebook status picture quotes online, without knowledge of complicated image editing software.

Do you add picture quotes to your own Facebook Timeline? Do you use your own images or share those of other Facebook users? Please share your experiences of what sort of images you use and how well they are working for you.