Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 12:58 pm

As I have not had time to post about what is happening in the world of blogging and social networking or report on my own web building research and activities, I have not blogged at all. Facebook and Twitter have become my way of communicating in my online world.

As I miss the social networking that blogging brings I have decided to keep on blogging but on matters that do not take me hours and hours to research.¬† It was always my aim to be original and to offer something to my readers that they could not find elsewhere. As “how to blog” blogs have become¬† so commonplace now, I do not want to merely talk about issues that have already been covered. I can use my twitter account for posting links to articles I think are useful. I will continue posting about tools and resources that I use, those I think will be useful to you too, but not spend time trying out everything new that comes out just so that I can report on them.

It took me a year or so after it came out to see through the spammy applications and their endless updates to accept Facebook for the communication tools it offers. I have connected with family I have not seen for 30 years (who live across the world) and joined in an active international online support community for Fragile X Syndrome, a condition my son suffers from.

Fragile X Links Facebook Page Fragile X Facebook Page

Creating Facebook pages has given me the opportunity to work on raising awareness of Fragile X and linking to resources for parents, carers and therapists so they can find their way through the maze to find the most useful information. This is not only part of my role as a Fragile X Association of Australia committee member but a passion of mine. It took me nearly 4 years to get a diagnosis for my son as even the medical profession had not heard of the condition so I had to set out and find out myself. The situation has improved but many remain undiagnosed, leading to problems for them in regards to getting the correct therapy, medication and funding at school. Did you know Fragile X is the leading known proved cause of Autism? Did you know that 1 in 126 women are carriers and carriers have problems with conceiving, early menopause, anxiety and depression. Male carriers develop a condition called FXTAS and are most often incorrectly misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and not given the right treatment.

Facebook personal and community pages are also good for promoting blogs of course. I do not recommend merely posting links to your blog posts but to develop a substantial list of “friends”, including other bloggers, and interact with them. Send them messages, share some of their links and respond and press the like button on their messages.

Coming up:

  • Tools for posting to Twitter and Facebook,making it less time consuming, and how to create a daily user subscribe email message of your posts.
  • A rave about versatility of the default Facebook Theme “TwentyTen” and making child themes.