Last updated May 27th, 2016 at 05:34 am

Following my tutorial on adding borders to images I have been researching current online image editing applications which will allow you to do this and much more. Because of my web design activities I use Photoshop for image creation but the newer online editors are impressive and provide most of the editing functions I would require: they are much easier to use too.

Image Editors with extensive features

As well as allowing for upload of images from your computer, these applications allow you to import/export from other sites such as Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Facebook and MySpace.

Common Features include:

  • cropping and resizing
  • color adjustment and enhancing
  • red eye reduction
  • add text
  • add frames and borders
  • various fancy filters and effects
  • Fotoflexer – grandly calls itself the “the world’s most advanced online image editor” but it does have a host of impressive features; from the more standard editing functions of to a range of fancy effects.

Broome, Australia created with Fotoflexer

  • Picnik – Another very advanced online editor with lots of easily applied effects. I got a little carried away using this as you can see.

Broome Australia created with Picnic

Images – Broome Western Australia
UltraViolet Observations

  • SpashUp was a multi featured editor with an interface like a that of a desktop program. It does not have all the fancy built in effects of the other two but it does allow more manipulation of images. If you have used programs such as Photoshop then you will find this simple to use, otherwise there may be a bit of a learning curve.

Broome Australia created with Splashup

Other online image editors

These don’t come with all the special features of the above applications but do provide basic editing tools, which may be all you need the majority of the time.

  • Snipshot – integrates with Firefox via a browser bookmarklet and allows you to integrate it into a website.

In invite only beta

Aviary sounds and looks interesting but as I have only just signed up and have not got an invite as yet, I could not try it out. Aviary is a suite of online applications with tools, all named after birds, for image editing, typography, music, video and 3D. Aviary is aimed more at designers and artist rather than those who just want basic image editing tools. Their blog has a host of examples of what it can do – it looks pretty impressive to me and I like the idea that tutorials are available.

I have collected an extensive list of editing tools over the years but they do not compare with the capabilities of these newer ones. I have scrapped that list now and I will add to and update this list to keep it current. Please let me know if you have have any favorite image tools (online or desktop) and I will check them out for inclusion here or in a future post in this series on images.

Future posts will include where to find free images, websites that help you search for them and tools that do specific tasks.