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Essential Website Tools

How’s your website? I hope it’s speedy, secure and feeling loved by the search engines. Here are some essential website tools that are worth bookmarking.

Website Tools – Speed Tests

Fast loading sites are not only more attractive to visitors but also to search engines. It’s wise to check your speed, especially when you’ve made such changes as altering/adding widgets, installed new plugins, or changed your theme. The following free online tools will give you  a page speed score, find out what is loading and how long it takes. (images, html, css, javascripts). Each comes with recommendations and various help features on how to improve your score. You’ll find that some WordPress plugins are major culprits in slowing down a site.


GMetrix goes into extensive detail (cross-checking PageSpeed with YSlow metrics), showing you a complete history of a site’s page load times. You can analyze the page load of your site from different regions around the world, view a video playback feature to see any bottlenecks, and export the full test history to a CSV file. Access the test from the site, add a toolbar bookmarklet or install their WordPress Plugin to quickly access the tests.Take a look at their WordPress Optimization Guide for recommendations of plugins that will improve your site speed. Although there is a pro version of GMetrix the free version gives you comprehensive results.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom gives you with visual depictions of the length of time required for each site element to load. As well as examining site speed, you are also provided with stats on the overall health of your site.

Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights grades both desktop and mobile site speeds. Test online or use their Chrome Extension

Google Analytics

Google Analytics includes site speed in its Behavior section. As well as an overview, the Page Timings link shows you how individual pages are loading. The Page Speed Suggestions link shows how individual pages could be improved.

Check for Broken Links

The Broken Link Checker Tool not only checks for links (internal and external) but shows you where they are so that you can easily fix them. Please read my post Those Were The Days and Broken Links for information on the best ways to fix them.

Check for Backlinks’s free tool allows unlimited checks, analyses 250,000 websites and provides you with a download of the top 1000. It offers much more than most free backlink checking tools. The resource is part of the SEOProfiler which offers a full suite of SEO tools. You can try it for free

Free Keyword Tools

You might already know that keyword checking isn’t an activity I enjoy so neither is searching for tools for them. Instead I refer you to this article by Ann Smarty 6 Free Tools to Help Keyword Research.

Hubspot Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader checks your site and grades you on your blogging, social media, SEO, Lead Generation and Mobile optimization.


SEOhat has a HUGE range of free tools: Webmaster, SEO, Social Media, Schema and PPC.  If you need a break from work you can even check to see if your phone number spells anything.

Non Essential Website Tools to give you an ego boost

If the tools above don’t give you the results that you’re hoping for cheer yourself up by using these resources instead.

Google Search

Search Google for your site and see how many listings you have. Use the search term: site: yoursitename. Here are the results from the search site:

Essential Website Tools  Google site search While you’re there check Google Images to see how many of your own show up.

Check your visitor stats in your Control Panel

If your site visitor stats aren’t as good as you’d like when checking Google stats, log into your hosting Control Panel and look at the stats there.  Surely the more crawlers and bots that visit the better 🙂Non Essentail Website Tools Awstats www.sueblimely.comThere are many more resources I could have listed here but Google, in its wisdom, probably wouldn’t like me adding even more links to one post. However what the Googley eyes can’t see, the Googley eyes don’t know. So I’m in the midst of creating a free member community area on this site where I can link to my heart’s content.

I have so much material to blog about but I’m an obsessive researcher and love to try new things. The time taken to do this means I don’t blog about them! So the membership site will have many up-to-date pages of, mostly free, tools and resources and links to the very best articles, to help you with blogging, social media, SEO and marketing. I’ll also be sharing my web images on there too.

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