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I heart Pinterest

Do your blog images encourage Pinterest Pinning? With 90million+ users on Pinterest, we need our visitors to pin our images for promotional purposes.

Advantages of Encouraging Pinterest Pinning

If you don’t use Pinterest or you have an account but haven’t seen the need to use it much here are some reasons why it’s important to use it and to encourage Pinterest Pinning by your blog readers:

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  • As a blogger and online marketer it comes as second nature for me to reward good posts with shares, especially those of blogging , friends. If you are a seasoned blogger I am sure you are the same. We realize the importance of a wide social network presence for branding and Search Engine Optimization to bring more readers to our sites. Pinterest is an increasingly important and effective method of getting ourselves and our blog known and trusted and for selling products and services and it’s wise having a good presence on there. We need to make it easy for other ‘sharers” to pin our images.
  • If your reader is a fellow blogger but writes about completely different topics to you, they are less inclined to share your post to social media channels which they use for getting known for their own niche. Most Pinners have multiple boards (categories) and, if you use methods to encourage Pinterest pinning, you give them an outlet to share without diluting their own niche posts.
  • You can increase your chances of getting your blog known, particularly if you blog in on a subject which has a wide market but a lot of competition. For example you blog about Marketing Strategies and you’re also interested in Seascapes.
    • Others interested in your topic and Home Decor can find you on Pinterest and are more likely to then read your blog in preference to others in your niche.
    • If a reader looks at your Pinterest boards after clicking on your Pinterest Follow Button and finds other areas of mutual interest, they will follow you there in preference to others who don’t have boards that attract them and are more likely to follow your blog than another of the same niche. Pin your blog post images too and they are going to get noticed, leading followers to your blog..


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  • Although the most blog readers probably belong to Facebook, they will not necessarily share posts on there. Many of them will not use Twitter or G+ at all, but they may use Pinterest, which has a large and diverse user base. I know people who are so attracted by its visual appeal that they now spend more time on there than they do on Facebook.
  • If your readers are not primarily other bloggers, website owners or marketers, and do not share as a matter of course, it is important to encourage them to do so. They are more likely to share images rather than your post itself.
  • Images are popular. You just need to look on Facebook or Google Plus to see how much attractive images are shared over and above other types of messages.


So How So You Encourage Pinterest Sharing?


Sharing and Follow Buttons

A Pinterest share button is now commonly included in social networking share button sets. Make sure you includea pin button in your standard sharing buttons (Top or bottom of posts and/or floating sidebar).
Add a Pinterest sharing button to your images too. I prefer using a Pin button that appears on hovering over an image but you can also add a button underneath each image which is always visible.
Buttons on or near images act as a reminder and encourage pinning. Individual images can be pinned which speeds up the process. Browser toolbar buttons or normal share buttons show all images on a page and take longer to load.
Make sure you have a Pinterest Follow Button along with your others so your readers can follow you on there.

Type of Images

Consider what type of images are popular on Pinterest. Here I chose to combine two popular interests, flowers and quotes.

flowers and quote


Size Counts

Small images don’t have much impact on Pinterest. Not only are they less likely to be pinned, but are unlikely to bring you new readers from Pinterest.

Even if you prefer smaller images to create an attractive blog post layout, include a larger, “Pinnable” image too. Larger images are also an advantage for post sharing on other social media networks. Take a look at my post on Facebook Image Sizes for Timeline and Feed. An image that suits FB will be fine for Pinterest too.

If you look at modern WordPress and other web themes you’ll notice that large images are a major trend. The Studio Press, Genesis themes are a good example.

 Titles and post snippets on Images

Your blog post topic might not lend itself to many types of image but there are ways around this.
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  • Include an image quote relevant to your topic.
  • Add your blog post title and topics to a background image.
  • Include an important point in an image and not as text.

Click on these images for a gallery of examples.

[maxgallery id=”7337″]

If you are thinking that you can’t create images yourself then take a look at my post on Online Image Generators. It’s quick and simple to add text to a background image.

Pinterest “Button On Image” WordPress Plugins

Like any WP plugins there are good and bad Pinterest button plugins. I have tried a few : some do not work (often because of the theme) and some add pin buttons in places you don’t want them. The last thing you need is for a call to action image button hidden because of a Pin me pop up.
A plugin that allows for easy customization is the best and not one that takes you a long time to work out. Here are the image hover Pinterest plugins I recommend.

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

This free plugin shows a Pin It button when an image is hovered over. I have installed this on a few blogs and although it may need some customization it works well. You can choose whether to show the button on posts, pages, index page and or category pages. There is also an option to only add it to images with a certain CSS class.

Beach Cafe Mornington Peninsula

This is an image showing the Pin button. It is not clickable.

Pinterest Pin It Button

The pro version of this plugin allows you to place a pin button above or below your images. The free version only adds the button to the top or bottom of posts. Rather than having a separate pin button here it is better visually and on your page load time to use a plugin that adds pin interest along with other sharing buttons, as you can see on the bottom of this post. As Pinterest Pin It Button For Images does what I need I did not try the pro version of this one.


If you are interested in other Pinterest plugins with different functions take a look at The 12 Best Free WordPress Pinterest Plugins on the Market on the wpmudev blog.

If you would like to learn more about Pinterest in general my friend Jacs Henderson has a whole category of posts on the subject.

Your Turn

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  • Are your own blog images shared on Pinterest or do you share them yourself?
  • Do you have a favorite Pinterest plugin?
  • Post a link to one of your posts that includes an image that you’ve added text to.


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