Last updated May 26th, 2017 at 06:07 am

In my last post I gave away 31 days of background images. Now I want to show you how you can edit social media images to create many more.

By changing colors, increasing image size to highlight areas, and adding shapes and text you can make a larger collection.

I used Canva for the these images but there are other image editing apps, each giving you slightly different or more complex options. I’ve always used Photoshop to create and edit images but after creating these images, I’m a Canva convert to add excellent typography and quickly add shapes and frames. Canva is also available for iphone/ipad.

Edited Social Media Images

Flip, Re-color, Blur

Edit Social Media Images by Changing Colors

I changed the image by clicking to highlight it, flipping it horizontally, and applying filters to change the hue and saturation.

Canva Edit Social Images Filter

Edit to Use for Promotion

Edit Images For Promotion by Adding Boxes

Here I first loaded one of the Canva Grids and then loaded the rock image at the left. I colored the right hand boxes and added text, a hexagonal shape, and social media and shopping cart icons.

Adding effects and text to social media images

Find images, layouts, icons and clipart in the Search Menu

Add an OverlayAdd Stripe Overlay to Web Images

One way to make text stand out on the busier images is to add an overlay using Canva shapes. Rather than just adding boxes experiment with the other shape options. In the above image I added the horizontal stripe shape, changed the color and transparency. Then I increased its size and rotated it.

Expand Image and Highlight Areas

2 images one with shape overlays and color change

You can make a particular element stand out by increasing the image size. Here I changed the hue and added shapes to highlight the boat and make the white text more easily readable.

Create a Greeting Card

Make a Social Media Image Greeting Card

Rather than just sending text message greetings to your social media contacts, why not create a unique card for them and post it to their profiles. Have a variety of suitable images saved on your computer or mobile device and quickly change colors, add text and a frame. Include your friend’s name to personalize it.

Because I’ve talked of all the Canva features I used, I’ll just show you some of the other images I edited.


Use elements in your image for emphasis. Here I used the shoreline.


Soften a grungy background image.


Add lines and color overlays to emphasize text.

By adding masks and shapes and changing transparency you can create ideal backgrounds for picture quotes. You can follow my series on Image Quotes for social media starting here.


Although I talk here of editing Social Media Images, the same applies to images for websites and blogs. (I can feel another post idea coming on.)

I’ve added these images to my Free Social Media Images download. (If you’ve already subscribed you’ll be sent a link to the download page.)

I’m going to talk more about web images in the future because it’s a favorite topic of mine. Is there anything in particular you’d like to know?  Are you interested in other sizes and types of images for social media or websites?