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In my last post I defined Content Curation, today I want to talk about the advantages of user created Content Curation: where you add information to specialized curation sites.

You will be familiar with sharing links on Facebook and other popular social media sites. The advantages of doing so on curation sites are much the same.

Content Curation - Advantages

Publicity and Reputation

The newer Content Curation sites are usually advanced versions of the old bookmarking sites such as Delicious. Bookmarking sites were not just about an online method of keeping track of your favorite sites. The reason I used them was for the extra publicity it gave to my own content and as a way of establishing myself as knowledgeable in the topics I wrote about. Content Curation provides another method of promoting yourself, your skills and knowledge. and boosting your online reputation.


Standing out from the crowd means that we need to market ourselves: the brand that you need to be recognized for is YOU. Otherwise, how can we distinguish ourselves from the millions of others online who are doing the same as we are.? Visibility is one of the keys to branding: developing profiles on Content Curation sites is an additional way of spreading your name around.

Social Sharing

Content Curation sites have a social element to them.

  • Others can subscribe to or follow your content. This can lead to more followers on other social networks.
  • Adding links to quality online content is a good way of being recognized by the people whose links you share.
  • By sharing the content of current contacts you strengthen your relationship.
  • Share the details of your Content Curation sites on Facebook and other social networks. Giving your contacts a way to find valuable information helps set you apart.

Coaching, Help, Support

Use as a method of teaching, helping and supporting  clients, affiliates and friends. I regularly refer people to sites where they can learn about WordPress, Blogging, SEO and Marketing. I add links in posts and messages, particularly on Facebook  and Skype. In Facebook you can laboriously check messages or scroll back to find them again, on Skype it is harder. I have started creating curated topics for people I am coaching. Here is a recent one I set up for a few people who are learning about SEO.  Search Engine Optimization Tutorials


  • Curation is integral to my Search Engine Optimization. I attribute the high Google ranks I can get for my sites as being in no small part due to adding my content to a variety of curation sites.  Associating your name with reputable sites always helps SEO.
  • Adding links to your own blog articles brings more visitors to your sites.


You may add links to interesting and useful content on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Linked In but how many of your contacts miss out on seeing this? Content Curation sites provide a permanent home, where the information is always readily available. You can of course also share and tweet links to your curated content.

Quality Content

What we used to call information overload is now being termed “information obesity“. Finding quality information, from the huge volume being constantly added, becomes increasingly hard, despite the search engines’ efforts to serve it to us. Many experts use Content Curation. Browsing their contributions is an excellent way of filtering out spam and lower quality content.


  • Subscribing to your favorite curators is an easy way of keeping up with topics of interest.
  • Research for your own blog posts. Browsing topics created by expert authors is a good way of finding the most reliable information. I am also trialling a WordPress plugin that allows you to search from within your post edit window.

Increase your output

Use as an adjunct or even a replacement for blogging. Regular broadcasting of useful quality information is a valuable way of increasing your output. I always recommend you do run your own self-hosted blog bu,t if not, there are free blogging platforms and other sites you can write articles for. Add links to these to your Content Curation sites.


  • Why rehash existing web content in your own blog posts? If you cannot put a new slant on it then you can work wiser and not harder by curating existing content instead.
  • Your own work remains original which is good for branding YOU.
  • Too many links in a post are not recommended for SEO. Instead you could curate a topic and refer your readers to it.  Here is one I prepared earlier: Content Curation on BagTheWeb

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