Last updated May 15th, 2015 at 02:33 pm

Christmas eCards and Facebook Greetings


You could show your appreciation of your online friends by sending Christmas greetings by email, via a Christmas eCard or your Social Networking Sites.

Facebook Applications:

Other Social Networks

Find a good Christmassy webpage or video and send it as a shout to your Stumbleupon, to your Digg/ MyBlogLog/BlogCatalog or other social network contacts. Let them know that it is not for a thumbs up or a vote but a seasonal greeting.

While we are talking of thumbs up, I would like to send one to a blogger, virtual assistant and author I admire, Kathie Thomas, for spreading Christmas cheer on her Much About Melbourne blog. As you are extremely likely not to live in Melbourne you may be more familiar with some of her other blogs, as listed on Technorati.

Elf Yourself:

I thought this deserved a special mention. If you have a little bit of free time, a musical animated Elf yourself creation produces an amusing and well appreciated Christmas greeting. You can your own images for the faces of the dancing elves.

E Cards:

As with many of the Christmas graphics sites, my search for good e-card sites would be useful for Santa in working out who had been naughty or nice. Some of them would not deserve his nocturnal visit this year. Sites that are using Christmas keywords when they shouldn’t, invasive pop-ups and a whole host of sites that activated Firefox WOT extension warning notices, which I did not ignore.

There are many legitimate sites that offer a small selection of cards but I have stuck to those that give you the widest choices in the list below:

If you know of any other good Christmas resources let me know and join in my Blogging Christmas Challenge at the same time. I will show my appreciation with a link to your site on my Christmas Page