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Do you ever want to check a successful competitor’s websites to see where you can do better yourself?   Do you come across websites you like and wonder which theme it uses or what code or plugins achieve certain features? Would you like to look behind the scene to use the same on your own site?

Here are some web resources to help you do this easily (without any coding knowledge).

Check Competitors Themes

WP Theme Detector

If you come across a WordPress theme you’d like to use yourself, type it’s url at WP Theme Director and you’ll find out what it is.

Divi Child Theme WP Detector

What Software Does That Site Run On?

Although WordPress is the most popular software for blogs, websites are powered by many different kinds of platforms and scripts.


Wappalyzer is a browser extension that can find many blog and content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks and analytics tools. Here’s a list of what it can find. (Note: some of the scripts might be used by the web server and not installed by the website owner.)

What Color is That?

Do you like a particular color or the color scheme used by a website?


ColorZilla extension For Chrome Firefox

Extension for Chrome and Firefox


Upload any image to Pictaculous and this web-based tool will tell you which colors the image uses and suggests color palettes to match.

Pictaculous Website Color Finder

If you prefer to use downloadable software the post Best Color Tools For Web Designers gives you a good selection to choose from. I use a little software tool called MWSnap which captures parts of pages as images and includes a color tool and ruler.

Check Competitors SEO

SEOBook Toolbar for Firefox

SEOBook Toolbar

The free SEOBook toolbar offers a multitude of tools to analyze websites. Use it to check out your competitors as well as your own sites.

SEO Book Toolbar Data Screenshot

  • The toolbar shows a site’s pagerank and link data from Google, Yahoo, Majestic SEO, Moz, Ahrefs, plus more.
  • View traffic data from Compete, SEM Rush, Alexa, Pinterest etc.
  • Check a page’s keyword optimization data such as use of keywords and header tags
  • Compare data from up to 5 sites at a time.
  • Highlight nofollow links
  • Various keyword analysis tools.
SEOBook Keyword Tools Dropdown Menu

SEOBook Toolbar Keyword Tools Menu



SEO Quake Toolbar

SEOquake toolbar screenshot

Available for both Firefox and Chrome the SEO Quake Toolbar also offers many useful features to check your competition and to see how you’re doing yourself.

View pagerank and the number of links in various search engines and directories (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Delicious). See how many times a page was retweeted. A Keyword density tool shows you how many times a keyword or phrase is used on a page. Highlight nofollow links. A useful diagnostic tool shows you recommended SEO elements and whether they are present on the page. (Useful for checking your own sites SEO)

Moz Toolbar

The Moz Toolbar, for Firefox and Chrome, allows you to check various SEO aspects for any webpage you visit. It shows you a page’s Domain Authority and Page Rank and analyzes links to and from a page. You can view page elements  and attributes (such as description, tags and headings). View a site’s listings in Google and Bing and its who is information. However, many of the tools are only available to the pro version.

Backlink Checkers

If you only want to see what backlinks lead to a site then there are plenty of tools available, some of  which are used by the toolbars above. See 10 Best and Free Backlinks Checker Tools to Check Backlinks of Your Website by Past Master Blogger. com

I need a copy of that page

Scrapbook Add-On for Firefox

With Scrapbook you can download individual webpages and pages linked to them. You can choose what type of files to include in the download (images, sound, movies, pdf, javascript …).

A sidebar list gives you links to pages you’ve downloaded allowing you to view them in your browser or access the files for editing. While viewing a downloaded page a bottom toolbar appears containing editing tools allowing you to erase parts of a page you don’t want, to highlight areas and then re-save.

It’s useful for keeping copies of pages you want to view again or to download a page full of free images.


Microsoft OneNote is my constant companion while browsing, for taking copies of snippets of information. Anything you copy and paste into OneNote includes the link to the page you copied it from. I’ve written detailed posts about OneNote starting with Productivity with OneNote.

Check Competitors website code

I won’t go into detail about this but as a web developer I find them really useful especially for problem solving. When I first started web building they were invaluable as learning tools.

Scrapbook as mentioned above

As well as a download tool, Scrapbook is excellent for checking html and CSS code.

Web Developer ToolbarWeb Developer Toolbar ScreenshotThis toolbar for Firefox and Chrome gives you comprehensive information about a webpage.  As well as many tools to check and view html, CSS and java script, it includes tools that are useful even if you don’t know anything about coding. Examples

  • Disable Images – useful for slow connections.
  • View Image Dimensions and File Sizes
  • Display  Page Description, Meta Tags, Title Attributes, anchor information and link details.
  • View Color Information
  • Find out font types and sizes
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • View, disable or delete cookies.
  • Ruler and magnifying tool.


Last but by no means least comes Nibbler. Enter an address of a competitor and it will score it out of 10 for key areas such as SEO, social media popularity, accessibility, and validity. Here’s a screenshot of the results for Social Media Examiner:

Nibbler results for Social Media Examiner

Each of the elements on the right come with details.

Now I need to go back over this post and add some keywords so that this posts scores well with some of these tools. Out go some of the catchy titles and in comes some repetition.

There are many more tools available but I only recommend those I’ve used myself. If you can recommend any others please let us know by leaving a comment.