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Divi Extra – My New Theme

Announcing Divi Extra as my new theme After much thought I decided on the Divi Extra for my new theme. I couldn’t resist the flexibility and huge amount of customization options. They surpass any theme I’ve tried. If you look at the demo...

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Your WordPress Theme Wardrobe

What is your WordPress theme wardrobe like this season? Does it hold fashionable attire or is it more traditional? Can you reach into it and change, to match your needs and the people you’re mixing with? This is the first in a series of posts...

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Sueblimely Succinctly Summarizing

I haven’t yet finished the new theme design for but it was time to make some changes. I want to point them out to make you aware of what’s new, especially the bits intended to increase my income. 🙂  Now I’ve probably put you...

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Very Easy WordPress Shortcodes

If you arrived at this post but are still thinking of running a mile because of the word “Shortcodes” please stay because it’s very easy with a Shortcode Plugin.  All you need to do is click on a post, or page, toolbar button to insert...

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