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New Year Motivation from Facebook Embeds

Facebook can be a great motivational tool, if we take time to read the positive and take it to heart. You can also use Facebook embeds to include Facebook posts, images and videos in websites and blogs. This is the time of year for reflecting on the past...

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Facebook Image Sizes Timeline Newsfeed

Facebook Image sizes¬† – updated August 2015 Yes, this is another post about Facebook Image Sizes. You’ve probably read some before so why read this too?¬† Firstly, this post only talks about images you post to your Timeline and those included when...

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An Introduction to Hashtags

This introduction to Hashtags is the first in a series of posts about Hashtags in social media, their usage and value. Even if you already use Hashtags, I hope this series will extend your knowledge and help you to use them more effectively, to grow your...

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How To Avoid Breaching Copyright

Online copyright breaches are numerous: never before have so many people had access to so much information, along with the means to republish it. Publishing unique content is not only better for your online reputation but it keeps you safe from inadvertent...

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