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Blogosphere News 23 Feb

Are you an A-list Bloggebrity? Check out your rating I made the B List but just take this as a bit of fun rather than something set in concrete. Reading An excellent article by Dosh Dosh (aren’t they all!) How to Become an...

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Definition of Page Rank

Darren’s video in my recent post Page Rank – forget it but still increase traffic got my mind ticking away about why I blog and what I wish to achieve from it. Having a high page rank is appealing from the...

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Google Adsense – Keywords with no Hex

Thanks to Malkie whose comment on my last post on Google Adsense, led me to his site and the discovery of Adsense keyword finder tools. You saved me some research time, Malkie. Google Keyword Tool Technobloggie Keyword Tool I am...

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Apologies to Google

I just made a blogging boo boo and want to say sorry to Google Adsense. Google must take part of the blame though. I just committed the sin of clicking one one of my own Google Ads – because it caught my interest. I wrote...

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