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Hashtag tips for Facebook, Gplus, Twitter

Most of the hashtag tips below are relevant for Facebook, Gplus, as well as Twitter although there are some specific methods for each social network. Hashtags Tips for Gaining Targeted Followers? The main aim is to develop a list of targeted followers; those...

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Why Do I Need To Use Hashtags?

If you promote yourself, your content, products or services online you need to use hashtags particularly in Twitter, Gplus, and Instagram but also in Facebook and Pinterest. They are an excellent method for increasing your social media presence and...

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Those Were The Days And Broken Links

“Those Were The Days My Friend” was a first published in 1925 and made universally popular by Mary Hopkin in 1968. No one could have any concept back then that I would be using the phrase to talk about broken links. The concept of the WWW was...

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Have You SPANCT Your Web Images for SEO?

Optimizing Images for Traditional SEO Although writing your posts for readers and not search engines is more important, there are methods of optimizing images that need to go on behind the scenes for search engines. In my last post Optimize Images for...

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Optimize Images For Visitors

As Google now takes more account of social reach, a very important aspect of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to optimize images for visitors. Eye catching, appealing images encourage readers to interact with your site, share on social networks, and to...

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