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New Direction in Business – Old One Revisited

There I lay, totally relaxed and comfortable, taking in all the sights and sounds around me. My eyes settled on the beautiful, serene, seascape. No I wasn’t basking in the sunshine on the beach. The seascape was a poster on the ceiling and the sounds...

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Morphing to Mindfulness & Productivity

This last week was a time for reflection and discovery for me, as I continued my journey of morphing to mindfulness and increased productivity. I’m aiming for efficient attention switching, rather than wasteful multitasking, and focusing not flitting,...

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Multitasking, Attentional Blink and ADT

When Passion Leads to Lack of Focus Attempts to increase my productivity led me to read about Multitasking, Attentional Blink and ADT (Attentional Deficit Trait). I’ve been working online for 10 years or so now and my passion for it hasn’t...

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Working Online and Multitasking Mayhem

Working online and multitasking often goes hand in hand, but juggling too many tasks at once can easily lead to lack of productivity and stress – Multitasking Mayhem We can be distracted, disorganized, and ultimately distressed. What can we do to...

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How to Improve Your WordPress Page Speed Score

Tips To Increase Your WordPress Page Speed Without the time and effort I went through This WordPress site was slow to load for a while. Then it become downright lethargic. ThisĀ  annoys Google. That’s only fair, because Google annoys me too at times,...

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