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Blogosphere News Sept 27th

Reading Your turn – if you have written or have read something that may interest readers here or come across a new site worth a look at let me know; by leaving a comment here or via my contact page. (The lattermay be best...

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Riding, Fundraising, Blogging in Australia

, Congratulations to Jon Pfeffer and his father Steve on the completion of their mammoth bike ride, starting in Brisbane 4th May and finishing today in Broome. The Journey from east to west Coast Australia was over 5,000km so...

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Blogger Template Changes

Please excuse me if you are not using blogger as this will be of no interest at all to you but I know some other people are keen to make the move over to WordPress and I want to let them know how I am going. On changing to the...

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Australia’s inadequate download limits

Tax returns done, I can at last allow myself some time for blogging and browsing. Using up our internet download limit for the month, two days early, was actually helpful for a change as I did not get sidetracked from my task at...

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How to share with Madkast

If you look at the title of this post you will see a little green ‘share this’ button underneath. This is the Madkast widget. Clicking on it will allow you to save/share the post on 15 of the major link sharing sites...

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