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Social Media Magazine and Other New Resources

You may have noticed the links to my new Social Media Magazine and Resources Site at the top of this page. I do hope you find them useful.  This year I’ve decided that rather than just planning I’m going to “just do it”.  This way I...

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Free Floral Images for Picture Quotes

Do you want to make your own picture quotes for social media, instead of sharing those made by others? Add your own unique message, saying, or a favorite quote, and stand out from the crowd. It’s a great way of encouraging others to like, comment and...

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Free Trials for Online Marketers

Using free trial tools and resources is a great way to work out if something is essential for your online marketing. If your budget is limited you don’t want to spend large amounts on tools that have limited use for you. The more generally useful a...

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Free Tools to Check Competitors Websites

Do you ever want to check a successful competitor’s websites to see where you can do better yourself?   Do you come across websites you like and wonder which theme it uses or what code or plugins achieve certain features? Would you like to look behind...

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