Last updated May 18th, 2013 at 06:51 am

Desty Online has a project on the go that I think is well worth contributing to:

Project: I, Blogger

Desty is on a quest to discover what bloggers see as the universal ethics of being a blogger. He is visiting blogs, asking the question of as many people he can, and inviting his readers to give their views by commenting or contacting him via his blog. He is approaching this from the perspective of individual bloggers themselves; what they think is the acceptable way to behave and how they act accordingly, rather than what they perceive to be any hard or set rules on the matter.

Desty’s latest update on the project can be read at Project: I, Blogger UPDATE!.

I wrote a post a while ago on what I consider to be my blog etiquette, Betiquette, which touched on the subject of my own blog ethics. If you are going to contribute to Desty’s study and read other articles on the subject, I suggest you try not to be influenced by what you read but give some thought to what you think yourself. However, reading others thoughts may help you define what your own ethics are more clearly. This is not a bad exercise in itself as it is sometimes easy to stray away from what you really believe in; in the attempt to gain links, contacts or make money online.

Writing this has reminded of something that I believe in (often we behave in certain ways instinctively and it makes it hard to stand far enough back to define it). I believe that while blogging we should stick firmly to our usual moral and ethical standards, acting no differently to the way we normally act. Of course, if we find ourselves learning ethical standards while blogging, I think we should try to incorporate this into our normal behaviour. Blogging can be a voyage of personal discovery and a way of broadening our horizons; learning that can put to good use in our lives in general.