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Bloggers can have a powerful voice

I have had to return from my self imposed (need to get a website finished) blogging exile to let you know about Ivy and show how bloggers when they join together in one voice can have a powerful effect.

Today has been an emotional day for me. The relief of having found out that my son has been accepted into our first choice of adult day centre for next year was great. I was over the moon. He has a disability and I was so concerned about his future in an adult world, post school.

Tonight I read about Ivy, a poor little mite who has suffered so much in her first years of life. I have been following her story on Tiff’s (her mum’s) blog, Three Ring Circus, always hoping to read that she is improving, but her auto immune disease rarely seems to let go of its grip. Ivy was being denied a drug that could improve her life, reduce her pain and allow her to do things and go places like any other 2 year old.

A petition was organised by Veronica of Sleepless Nights and I was intending to write about this to gather your support. In fact, feeling outraged and sad, I had already jumped right in and started to write this when I read, with delight that Ivy is now being allowed to have the medicine she desperately needs. I was so pleased I went back and altered the “is” to was as I still wanted to share this with you.. The voices were heard! Isn’t it wonderful news?

Now I am returning to the depths of a WordPress theme but hope to find my way out again very soon, although I then need to delve further into the database – if I am missing for too long please send out a search party. I hear it can be scary in there and I may be hiding behind a table.

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  1. Posted September 10, 2008 at | Permalink

    That’s a heartwarming story … thank God they saw sense and have allowed this poor child to get the drug she needs.

    • Posted September 11, 2008 at | Permalink

      It is heartwarming. Ivy is already in hospital having the treatment. Let’s hope it works quickly for her.

  2. Posted September 10, 2008 at | Permalink

    I’m absolutely agree with your title Blogger can have a powerfull voice. Not only that but also blogger always can free our voice, it’s independent voice

  3. Posted September 11, 2008 at | Permalink

    i’m glad for the happy ending. looks like bloggers and petitions still can make a difference, thankfully.

    • Posted September 11, 2008 at | Permalink

      It is encouraging TogaAC, I will now be looking at more causes to help this way.

  4. Posted September 11, 2008 at | Permalink

    That is great. It is unfortunate but sometimes the right thing just needs a little bit of attention before it is taken care of.

    ps congrats on the your son’s acceptance

    Johns last blog post..Baltimore Real Estate

    • Posted September 11, 2008 at | Permalink

      Attention from the right source too. It seems there was help from medical specialists in Ivy’s condition after one of them was told about the blog post and petition.

    • Posted September 11, 2008 at | Permalink

      Thanks for your good wishes for my son too, John. A load has been lifted from my mind.

  5. Posted September 11, 2008 at | Permalink

    Yes, although we may have our own personal agendas, the voice is ours and we have the freedom to use it.

  6. Posted September 11, 2008 at | Permalink

    Thank you so much for posting about this, Sue.
    I am very happy that your son will be in your first choice of centre.
    With well ovewr 1000 people having signed the petition, it showed me that there are kind, caring people who will stand behind you.

  7. Posted September 11, 2008 at | Permalink

    Take a ball of string in with you, I hear it’s handy for helping to find a way back out.

    And thankyou.

    Veronicas last blog post..21 Weeks

  8. Posted September 12, 2008 at | Permalink

    How do you add/use a downloaded WordPress theme? I downloaded a theme for my WordPress blog. Now, I want to be able to use it, but can’t seem to figure out how to do so. Can someone please help.

    Peter Monroes last blog post..Peter Monroe

  9. Posted September 12, 2008 at | Permalink

    Insurance companies cave in many times when a story like Ivy’s hits the media. I am starting to investigate more with some of the news submitting and news tagging sites… but that was another Sueblimely post with a nice ending. Cheers…

  10. Posted September 12, 2008 at | Permalink

    Glad to hear about your son being admitted into adult day care.

    My girlfriend works with special needs adults who lived in state institutions and now are in specialized care.

    Thankfully your son has parents who are committed to his treatment. It is sad to see how many people abandon their children when they realize they aren’t “normal”.

  11. Posted September 13, 2008 at | Permalink

    It’s nice to see that the good prevails in the end. The powerful voice of bloggers should never be underestimated.

    Congratulations on the success with your son too. I know how hard it is to get accepted into daycare these days. Many friends told me horror stories.

  12. Posted September 13, 2008 at | Permalink

    Your so right and what a great story and powerful example.

    It goes with my saying: Blogging connecting peopleso make blogs not wars!

    RennyBAs last blog post..Fresh Vegetables at farmers market in Norway

  13. Posted September 13, 2008 at | Permalink

    Congratulations on your son getting admitted into your choice of daycare. We have friend in the same situation and we realize how important that is. Getting into the depths of WordPress theme is something I love to do but try not to just becuase how much time I end up spending with it. :-)

    K-IntheHouses last blog post..ShanKri-la Accepted into 9rules Network

  14. Posted September 15, 2008 at | Permalink

    Isn’t this a lovely story on how powerful it is when humans of like mind come together? I am happy to hear this girl got what she needed after all.

    Just goes to show how we CAN unite, if, we only wanted to.

    Also, I wanted to say well done on getting your son into the daycare of your choice. Seems like it is a hard thing to achieve. (Sorry, I got no kids so I wouldn’t know).


  15. Posted September 16, 2008 at | Permalink

    Congratulations on your son’s school! My sister teaches at a center for disabled children so I know how difficult it can be for kids to get enrolled into the best possible classrooms!

    Jennas last blog post..Can’t get your Hands on Heroin? Try Diazepam.

  16. Posted September 16, 2008 at | Permalink

    It just goes to show what can be done when people get behind a good cause. Great story.

    Nicks last blog post..Making a Personal Injury Claim

  17. Posted September 17, 2008 at | Permalink

    πŸ˜† The Ivy symbolize a kind of arduous, persist to pursue of firm conviction, represented 1 kind to emphasize a freedom and deeply sink reserved.

  18. Posted September 17, 2008 at | Permalink

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  19. Posted September 18, 2008 at | Permalink

    I’m glad it turned out the way it did. But why were the required medicines being denied in the first place?
    And please don’t disappear under a table.

    • Posted September 20, 2008 at | Permalink

      I am just assuming that the treatment was denied because it is expensive but I am just guessing here.

  20. Posted September 20, 2008 at | Permalink

    Apologies for not replying before but I have only just reemerged from the “if and else” world of WordPress coding. It really is so heartening to see so many replies to a post like this – to see there are so many who care.

    Thank you all for your good wishes for Ivy and for my son.

  21. Posted September 20, 2008 at | Permalink

    Everyone seems so busy this time of the year. I know for me with the kids starting school and fall sports it has been hard. Good luck and see you soon!

  22. Posted September 21, 2008 at | Permalink

    Awesome, heartwarming and empowering story. I am glad your son was accepted into your first choice care facility (I understand how huge a concern that is) and Ivy’s story is awesome. Power to the bloggers! We can make a difference and do incredible good.

    I just have to say how refreshing the ‘energy’ is in this post too. It sure seems there’s a lot of negativity on so many blogs. Your blog is a breath of fresh air in the midst of pollution! :-)

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for being committed to a greater good. Blessings, RH

    ResilientHearts last blog post..Holding On and Letting Go

  23. Posted September 22, 2008 at | Permalink

    It is so true that bloggers can have their voice as they can share their experiences that may be helpful to their readers. The story about Ivy is heart-touching.

    Hye Munars last blog post..Absolutely Free MP3 Music Downloads Legally

  24. Posted September 25, 2008 at | Permalink

    Great to hear about Ivy.
    All the best with your theme.
    I totally agree with you that the bloggers are the new loud voice of our times!

  25. Posted September 26, 2008 at | Permalink

    It is nice to hear about Ivy. Yes, bloggers do have their voice and they can share their experience that are quite helpful to the the readers.

    Make Money Onlines last blog post..How to get your website indexed quickly in Search Engines

  26. Posted October 4, 2008 at | Permalink

    This is a great example and i really like it.. this is really touch my heart..

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  27. Posted October 29, 2008 at | Permalink

    It is very good example of that,that ,,Bloggers can have a powerful voice!,,Thank you very much for this very instructive history! I am glad, that all has well ended πŸ˜‰

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  28. Posted May 30, 2009 at | Permalink


  29. Posted July 29, 2009 at | Permalink

    Who is it that cares so much about the opinions of bloggers that they have so much relevance and power?

  30. Posted March 4, 2010 at | Permalink

    Well, yes bloggers have got a very powerful voice, many of the bloggers don’t realize but those who’re into it for a very long time know that if they raise any article, with their readership base they can get the public support and also the support of search engines to tell about facts and figures to the world. Bloggers have got a great responsibility on head and it’s important that they post only which they deem to be accurate and correct especially on controversial topics.

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