Last updated May 17th, 2013 at 08:31 pm

Please excuse me if you are not using blogger as this will be of no interest at all to you but I know some other people are keen to make the move over to WordPress and I want to let them know how I am going.

On changing to the ‘new’ Blogger I used a default template because all the alterations, hacks and workrounds I used, to add the features I wanted, broke my original template completely. A quick way round this was for me to copy all the sidebar content and put it in one of the html/javascript page elements. As I will keep this blog going in one form or another for a while, until the new one takes off, I thought I should make at least some effort to make it look reasonable.

Not being satisfied with anything quick and easy, which is quite normal for me, I set about completely altering the template to try and match it to my original. I also added a third column because I thought that the long long sidebar I had meant certain things were not in prominent enough positions. When viewing an individual post the sidebar extended far beyond the post itself and some items were probably never seen by those entering via a post rather than the main page.

I am not so sure about it though. Until I fiddled with the column widths and added the borders, the blog looked far too crowded. It is looking better now but I would appreciate your feedback on this as I have been working on a three column template for the new WordPress blog too.

I could not resist adding another hack too – Recent Comments by Ramani of Hackosphere at Customizable recent comments widget (using JSON feed). It is nowhere near as complex as it sounds – just a matter of copying and pasting a script into the head of your template and adding another to a page element. Ramani also has a good explanation of how to add a third column to an existing 2 column new Blogger template – 3-column templates for new Blogger