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Although a more personal touch with social networking followers is the most effective, we all need some social media sharing tools to manage and speed up the process of sharing.

This leaves us time for the important work of connecting more directly with people; with non link posts and uploaded images and by commenting and replying, sharing and liking.

Sharing a blog post using an automated tool produces the same effect as adding it manually, especially if you add your own description.

Jetpack for WordPress comes with Publicize, to automatically shares your posts on one profile or page on Facebook,  Twitter, Linked In and Tumblr, but we need to promote our content much wider.

In addition to our own content, by linking to good sources of information relating to our own topic,  we provide added value for our followers and contacts.

Where to Share Content:

  • Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles
  • Twitter Accounts – you may have more than one to cover different topics or business areas.
  • Gplus profile, pages, groups.
  • Linked In profile and groups
  • Bookmarking Sites
  • Pinterest and other Image Sharing Sites
  • Skype groups
  • Blogging Networks – see my last post for information on 5 Types of Blogging Communities
  • Marketing Networks
  • Other Social Networks
  • Forums

Free Social Media Sharing Tools

Simple Bookmarklets

Many bookmark, content curation and networking sites use bookmarklets as a method of sharing content.  Here are the bookmarklet posting tools I use. I save these to a folder on my Bookmarks Toolbar for easy access. Use them just by clicking on the bookmarklet when on a page with content you wish to share.

Content Sharing Bookmarklets

If you want to find out more about content curation sites:


Bitly is a sharing tool plus a url shortener. You can post to Facebook profiles and multiple Twitter Accounts. Create an account and you can add your networks. Posting to them is achieved using a bookmarklet or directly from Bitly itself. You choose which account you want to post your link to each time and can change the titles and add notes. Each link you post can be saved and added to user created categories called bundles.

Stats show you how many clicks you had, the  networks or sites your clicks came from, and  the top countries reached.

Bitly statistic graphs

My own Bitly stats – click for larger Image


Buffer is an app that automates the timing of your posts to Facebook and Linked In profiles, pages and groups, Gplus profiles and pages and Twitter. This is an excellent tool for timing your posts so they get the most views and to prevent you posting too many updates at one time.  You choose your own preferred posting times.

Buffer social media sharing tools

Buffering can be done via the site itself , with browser add-ons and apps for iPhone and android.  Sites that incorporate Buffer capabilities are,, IFTTT and Tweriod.

Links added to Buffer are shortened and you get a choice of 3 shortening services to use : or Google Analytics Campaign Tracking is available.

The free version is fine for normal use but does come with restrictions on the number of networks you can add and how many posts can be stored at a time.


Hootsuite is a web based Social Media Management Resource that does more than just posting links.

  • Post your updates
  • Schedule your posts
  • See up to date message feeds from across all of your added social networks.
  • Interact with your networks through your feeds by liking, sharing, retweeting, commenting and sending direct messages to contacts.

Hootsuite Social Streams

Networks supported are Facebook, Twitter, Gplus, Linked In, Foursquare, WordPress and Mixi. There are numerous free and premium app add-ons to connect your Hootsuite to other networks, programs, and apps. Tumblr, Evernote, StumbleUpon,, Reddit, and MailChimp lists and campaigns, are just a few examples.

Posting is done via the Hootsuite website or by using the Hootlet browser add-in which adds a toolbar button.

If you only want to add your major social media accounts, then the  free Hootsuite is fine. However you can only add five accounts and some features are not available.  If you want to join you can go for the 30 Day Pro free trial 

You do need to give credit card of Paypal details but you can cancel your upgrade before the end of the first month and will not get charged.


IFTTT Social Media Sharing Recipe Examples

IFTTT which stands for “If This Then That” is a powerful, but more complicated, web and mobile device based tool that deserves a post all of its own, which means I will be writing one soon.

Basically IFTTT allows you to connect two services and an action on one triggers an action on the other. Each instance you set up is called a Recipe. More than a sharing tool, IFTTT allows you to automate many repetitive tasks, including those too time consuming to do manually, and can send you useful information.

Some of the sites and  apps supported by IFTTT that relate to sharing your content:

A selection of the IFTTT Channels

Examples of IFTTT Recipes

  • If I post a message on Facebook then also post it to Twitter.
  • If I post a message to Twitter than also post it to Linked In.
  • If I post a link to Twitter then also post it to a Facebook Page
  • If I post an image on Instagram also post it to Facebook.
  • If I publish a new WordPress post then also post it to Delicious

Do you get the idea?  There are so many possible combinations. You can find Recipes created by others to adapt and use yourself or easily create your own.

Browser Add-Ins

In addition to the browser tools offered by the the resources mentioned above other social media posting tools are available using browser add-ins. These give more functionality than simple bookmarklets.


Shareaholic for Firefox  and Chrome  allows you to post to a choice of over 200 bookmarking and social media sites using a configurable toolbar bookmarklet.


ShareThis for Firefox supports sharing to your choice over 45 social sites via a browser button. You can import your contacts and store Twitter credentials for faster sharing with friends and save your favorite content for re-sharing in the future.


AddThis lets you to share to 100s of Social Networks using a choice of a sharing toolbar, navigation toolbar button, a URL bar icon or from your context menu.  You can also send messages to individual Facebook contacts and  customize to make your most used networks easily available. For Firefox and Chrome

I have only mentioned add-ins that post to multiple sites but others allow you to interact in more detail with individual networks such as delicious and StumbleUpon.

There are so many options aren’t there. I use a lot only because I want to research and report on them but I suggest you only use a selection of those that suit you the best.

In addition to these free tools I also use the Cash Unite MultiSocial features. Not  a free program, but it provides you with multiple social media tools, many of which you would otherwise have to pay for separately. Plus you can earn back far more than your membership cots.

CU Multi Social Suite

Do you have any favorite social media sharing tools?