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After talking about the advantages of Content Curation, I can’t leave you wondering what are the best Content Curation sites to brand  yourself and increase your online social networking presence.  Finding quality content and authors is excellent for research purposes too.

Blogging and social networking takes time so we need  tools that are quick and easy to use with multiple features. I have been using a few content curation sites  to try them out for you; and work out which may best suit different needs and purposes.

content curatoin bagtheweb pinterest listly flipboard

Content Curation Sites Features

The amount of features vary from site to site but, these are features you can find:

  • Each gives you a browser toolbar button (bookmarklet)  so that when you want to add a url you click the button and a pop up box appears for you to add it to the content curation site.
  • Social networking capabilities in the form of  connecting with other site users and subscribing to RSS feeds.
  • Sharing features allowing you to post to other social networking sites.
  • Finding quality content by following others who post topics of interest to you.
  • Suggested posts added by others that fit in with your topics.
  • Multiple curators allowed for a topic but this is often a pro feature.
  • Some allow you to vote and promote links.
  • Desktop and mobile device versions.
  • Search features to help you find content.
  • The majority are free but some have pro membership for additional usage and features.

I prefer to concentrate my efforts on sites that are feature rich to save time and maximize the benefits.

These are the sites I have been trying out. Take a look and decide which may suit you the best.

The most feature rich site with good social networking capabilities. My own topics  I will do a separate post on this soon.


The most visually appealing and fun to use. It is primarily aimed at mobile devices but is fine to use on your computer too. You can follow boards but it lacks social networking features. My Flipboard on SEO


A popular curation site with good content and the ability to allow others to add to your topics. I am not so keen on the networking features though.  My listly lists


Pinterest has visual appeal, popularity, integration with Facebook and huge potential to get yourself known. Sueperlative (me) on Pinterest Jacs Henderson has just started a Pinterest series over on the Game of Tribes blog. It will be worth checking back there for the future posts

Bag The Web

A good feature is that you can embed your topic stream into your website. A bag of mine on, what else but, Content Curation

I left this one until last only because you can view the content I have added there and find out more about curation from quality blog posts. This has saved me from adding too many links to this post too.

If you have not yet had enough Social Compare has a, collaboratively curated, curation topic comparing curation tools. However, if you understood that tongue twister you likely know enough already.

You may notice that I have added topics where I post only my content. (By topics I mean Scoops, Lists, Bags, Flips or Boards, depending on the terminology used by the individual sites.) My curated content is beginning to show up in search engines so they are working.

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