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Because I enjoy reading good roundup posts, I investigated their definition and tips to increase their effectiveness.  To share my findings, I thought the best way was to write a round-up post about roundup posts. By referring to posts that explain roundups, and those that give tips for writing and promoting them, I’m also writing an example of one.

What is a Roundup Post?

I classify them into 4 types.

  1. Posts acknowledging quality bloggers. These are often contacts and regular readers of the blog who comment and share posts. It’s an excellent way of saying thanks. (Although I haven’t done roundup posts for a while, I do try to include a link to an article written by a friend in each post I do.) Examples:
  2. Posts containing links to articles compiled by researching and reading (like this one), or links contributed by other people.
    • You can find examples on Blondish Net where Nile Flores writes regular “WordPress Wednesday” posts about plugins, themes, tutorials and WordPress news and her “Monday Mashup” covering blogging social media SEO and web design.  I always read these. Thanks Nile.
    • Kikolini’s Fetching Friday – Posts on Marketing and Productivity
  3. Those compiled from contributions made by other people. These can take the form of tips, experiences, or advice, on a given topic.
  4. Posts acknowledging friends and contacts as a way of thanking them for their support.


The advantage of finding expert authors to contribute is that they are likely to share your posts. You then benefit from their influence and readership.

Tips For Writing The Best Roundup Posts

The definitive guide to writing a roundup post (7 step process)

“A roundup post unlocks knowledge trapped inside other people’s heads!”

This post on WP Curves gives a comprehensive guide to roundup posts:  what they are, the psychology behind them, how to find contributors, planning and data collection.

How To Write A Great Roundup Post

Jimmy Daly writing for says

“It may sound counterintuitive, but when done correctly, sending readers away from your site is one of the best ways to keep them coming back”

His article describes the qualities and aims of a good roundup post.

7 Commonsense Tips to Improve Your Next Expert Roundup

This is a guest post by Blogician Neil on on what to do if your roundup posts aren’t effective enough.

How to Get Traffic and Links from Blog Roundups

I discovered this excellent article after I’d published this, thanks to one of Nile Flores’ roundup posts. I thought it well worth adding .  Written by Ann Hoffman on Traffic Generation Cafe, it talks of relationship building and includes a list of people who write roundup posts.

Awesome Visual Marketing Tips – Blog Roundup

I’m including this as an example because I often write about images here. Lilian De Jesus, recommends bloggers who specialize in visual content. I discovered the post through the Commentluv link included in a comment Lilian made here.

That’s the end of the roundup section. The rest of the post is my own observations.

Roundup Post Image Collage

This video shows you how to make a roundup collage in PicMonkey, although it’s relevant to any type of collage image.

To Round-Up This Roundup Post About Roundup Posts:

(PS -I didn’t write that title for keywords, it just amused me.)

My Tips

  • Any links you post need to lead to quality content. Don’t just post a huge list of links. Search engines don’t like them and they’re not as informative.
  • Always add a description of the post you are linking to, not just the title with link.
  • If you don’t want to do regular roundup posts, consider the occasional diversion from the norm.
  • A roundup post doesn’t need to be about general topics. Make them as specific as you like. Example: Rather than a round-up of best posts about Instagram, write about the best apps to add text to Instagram images and link to posts that review the apps.
  • Categories on Content Curation Sites such as are a form of roundup. They are valuable if you connect with others, who share your own contributions.
  • The Customer Happiness roundup mentioned above was split into 5 separate blog posts. If a post is popular, take advantage of it.
  • Roundups are not an indication that you don’t know your topic. Even top bloggers write them, such as Chris Garret and Branding Blog Post Round-Up – Readers Best Branding Posts. Including articles
  • Try commenting on roundup posts. If you become known by the author, some of your own best posts might be included.
  • Add your own angle for uniqueness. Despite the featured image, writing a roundup post does not mean that you’re a sheep, following the blogging herd.

Your Turn 🙂

Do you write roundup posts? If you are a regular visitor here please leave a link to one in your comment, because I know they will be of the quality.

If you don’t write them, do you think you might after reading this? I’ve only talked of advantages here but you might know of some negatives?