Last updated April 14th, 2016 at 11:44 pm

Quote about pictures

Even if you find the right sized free square social media images to use on both Facebook and Instagram are you sure you can use them without breaking copyright? I’ve found it difficult to find downloadable square images so I’ve made some myself. Today I’m giving away 31 days worth of square images of different categories which are free of copyright.

When you click on the download link, you’ll be taken to my new subdomain, Social Media Resources, which is my new home for downloads. I’ll be adding more free images and other resources soon.

Be Square and Be There

Instagram images are all square and reduced to 640px when published. Rectangular images are cropped before you publish. Square images fill the most space available on Facebook and make the most impact. Facebook have changed the post column width 3 times over the last couple of years, so you’re safer with square images. (For up-to-date Facebook Image sizes please see my recently updated post Facebook Image Sizes Timeline Newsfeed)

The images are all 640px x 640 px to suit Instagram and will reduce to fully fill the timeline and newsfeed columns in Facebook.

31 Days of Free Square Images

Free Square Social Media Images

To add text to these backgrounds use an image editor such as CanvaΒ  or one of the other editors I mention in my post Free Image Editors For Picture Quotes.

The next post in my Free Image Series gives you tips for how to edit these images to make them uniquely yours. To see all my posts on images check out the Image Tools Category Page

Download 31 Free Social Media Square Images

I’ve already created a lot more square images. Perhaps you can tell me which sort you prefer the most? Are there any other sizes you need for your blog or other social media sites?

  • Abstract Backgrounds – plainer for adding text.
  • Seascapes
  • Landscapes
  • Objects
  • ??