To celebrate the start of the “Silly Season” here are my thoughts on signs you’re using too much Social Media for marketing. We use the term “Silly Season” here in Australia when talking about the period leading up to Christmas and the New Year. It used to mean a slow news period but now we use it to talk about mad rush, long queues shopping.

I prefer it meaning the silliness of donning festive hats, flashing earrings and brooches, and trimming rooms, trees, and gardens, with glittery and flashing stuff.Β  But that’s just me.

Although this is a tongue in cheek look at Social Media Marketing it includes tips for the best online marketing practices (for when you are actually marketing).

Are you Using Too Much Social Media?

  1. You hand write a reminder note to a family member and include hashtags. (hashtag posts)

Too much social media - note with hashtags

  1. You draw buy buttons next to items on your Christmas shopping list and think about adding more keywords.
  2. You know you’re overdoing Social Media time when you buy a birthday card and wonder if it will be accepted because the greeting text covers more than 20% of the front. (That’s a Facebook Ad Reference – see my post Facebook Grid For Text On Ad Images for more info andΒ  free grid overlay images.
  3. You no longer doodle patterns when on the telephone but flow chart boxes.
  4. When discussing a topic you always wish you could add a url.
  5. Someone makes a comment you agree with: you stick up your thumb and just say “Like” or “Instagood”
  6. You’re using too much Social Media when you see something funny on TV and look for a share button.
  7. You change your camera settings to take 1200px x 1200px photos for Facebook. Then you change them again to a 2-1 ratio for Twitter and take the same picture again . (Can you actually do that?)
  8. While on holiday you only take photos of scenery and sky to make image quotes. You forget the family shots.

Social Media Image - no family

  1. You know you’re overdoing Social Media if whenever someone takes a photo of you, you ask them to only include your face, because you need some good profile image shots. The mountain sticking out from your head is the only indication you holidayed in Switzerland.
  2. You put on the kettle as soon as you get up, and go onto Facebook while it boils. Half an hour later you wonder why the first caffeine hit of the day hasn’t kicked in. You re-boil the kettle.
  3. You ask a work colleague to do something and wonder if you included the right call to action. You’ll mentally note to split test to see what works best.
  4. You give up reminding your teenager to tidy their room, because you realize you’re not addressing your target market and you won’t get results you desire.
  5. While at the shops, your child constantly asks for treats. You wish you could unfriend them.
  6. While out your toddler keeps wandering off. Your mouse hand reaches up to hit the unfollow button. (Warning. Never unfollow your toddler!)
  7. Your toddler has a tantrum and you wonder what giveaway will calm them down. Once peace reigns, you celebrate because you’ve gained a lead. You wonder about an OTO but realize you’ll have to buy it yourself so there’s no profit.

Too Much Social Media _ OTO for toddler

  1. You’re about to clean windows but look at the dull sky and put it off because you won’t get a good enough ROI (Return on Investment). It’s a wonderful excuse though.
  2. You buy a variety of Christmas cards to test which ones get the better response and mail them out early hoping for the best conversion rate. Or, as I’ve been known to do, spend so much time online that you completely the miss cut off dates for posting to friends and family overseas.
  3. You tell a joke at a party and wonder how many times it will be retweeted or shared, or whether it will go viral.
  4. You no longer make friends based on mutual interests but on carefully worked out target audience factors.
  5. Your friends and family start remarking on how quiet you’ve become. It’s because you feel anything you say must be original.
  6. You hear the door bell ring and wonder if it’s a unique visitor.
  7. You stop talking to all males because females are more interested in the makeup/jewellery/candles you sell as an affiliate.
  8. Before you discuss buying that new whizz bang home appliance with your partner you work out a Value Added Proposition. (Good tactic!)

Too Much Social Media Marketing - Value Added Proposition for Blender

  1. You know you’re doing too much Social Media marketing because, before deciding on which restaurant to go to, you do a SWOT analyses (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  2. You join a singles club but will only meet up with people interested in MLM.
  3. You stop greeting new neighbors because cold calling doesn’t work.
  4. When you want to emphasize a point, your little finger extends reaching for a CAPS LOCK BUTTON
  5. You’re trying to concentrate but someone’s talking. You mentally turn off chat and ignore them.
  6. You’re concentrating so hard, on scheduling social media posts, when your online grocery shopping order arrives, your partner’s put it all away before you realize. You wonder what special, targeted, freebie to give to make up for it.

Finally an oldie but goldie: You’re using too much Social Media if you’ve read this, and say LOL out loud. Then you look for the share buttons. Please Do πŸ™‚

I got the idea for this post from “6 Signs You May Need To Take A Break From Social Media” by Carolyn Steber on Bustle. It takes a more serious look at the topic.

Can you think of any more symptoms of real life being effected when using too much Social Media in your Marketing? (serious, or funny)